April 27, 2020 • 2:00-2:45 PM

Contingency Planning During a Pandemic: Planning for Fall

Several weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, many campus leaders have shifted from a reactionary paradigm to a forward-looking plan for recovery. As presidents and senior leaders consider various scenarios for business operations in the fall, college and university counsel are called upon to serve as strategic thought partners, while identifying and managing the myriad legal issues that are implicated as institutions plan for the future.  In this 45-minute, audio-only briefing, NACUA members Amy Hass, Vice President and General Counsel at the University of Florida, and Scott Warner, Partner at Husch Blackwell, LLC will discuss:

  • How to structure a proactive planning process with the President and the Board
  • Long-term operational and legal issues related to students, employees, and research
  • How to navigate tumultuous political waters and disagreements among stakeholders, all the while keeping sight of institutional mission and priorities.

This 45-minute briefing will be audio-only and will be complimentary to NACUA members.


Amy Hass

Amy HassAmy Hass serves as the Vice President and General Counsel for the University of Florida, overseeing the legal affairs of the University and many of its affiliated entities. In addition, Amy represents and advises the University on legal matters relating to...

Scott Warner

ScottWarner Scott L. Warner, a partner at Husch Blackwell LLP, is a member of the firm’s Healthcare, Life Sciences & Education team, and represents higher education institutions in a wide range of...


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