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Distinguished Service Award

Established by the Association to recognize individuals who have given extraordinary service both to NACUA and to institutions of higher learning over an extended period of time, whether in legal or other capacities (for example, as members of governing boards). Recipients have made outstanding contributions to the work of the Association, and to its recognition in the legal and educational professions.


Please note that the hyperlinked biographies below reflect the recipient's background as of the year he or she received the honor or award.

Shelley Sanders Kehl
Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC

Jerry D. Blakemore
General Counsel
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2017

Bill J. Mullowney
Vice President for Policy and General Counsel
Valencia College, 2017

Kathleen A. Rinehart
General Counsel and Secretary of the Corporation
Saint Xavier University, 2017

Susan L. Wheeler
University Counsel and Senior Assistant Attorney General
James Madison University, 2017

Steven J. McDonald
General Counsel
Rhode Island School of Design, 2016

Dana Scaduto
General Counsel
Dickinson College, 2016

Marianne Schimelfenig
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Saint Joseph's University, 2016

Jonathan R. Alger
James Madison Unversity, 2015

Isis Carbajal de Garcia
Senior University Counsel
Florida International University, 2015

Stephen S. Dunham
Vice President and General Counsel
The Pennsylvania State University, 2014

Julie D. Goodwin
General Counsel
Morgan State University, 2014

Mary E. Kennard
Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary of the Board of Trustees
American University, 2014

Robert E. Bienstock
Senior Associate University Counsel
Yale University, 2013

Renee Smith Byas
General Counsel
Houston Community College System, 2012

Thomas Cline
Vice President and General Counsel
Northwestern University, 2012

Wayne Richardson
General Counsel
Fairleigh Dickinson University, 2012

Mary Anne Smith
Vice President and General Counsel
Illinois Institute of Technology, 2012

Edward Stoner, II
NACUA Life Member, 2012

Clayton D. Steadman*, of South Carolina (Awarded Posthumously)
General Counsel
Clemson University, 2011

Michael Weston, of Illinois
Vice President and General Counsel
Northwestern University, 2011

Lucien "Skip" Capone, of North Carolina
University Counsel
University of North Carolia at Asheville, 2010

Henry L. Cuthbert, of North Carolina
Associate University Counsel
Duke University, 2010

Lawrence White, of Delaware
Vice President and General Counsel
University of Delaware, 2010

Georgia Yuan, of Washington, DC
Deputy General Counsel, Post-Secondary Education and Regulatory Service
United States Department of Education, 2010

Dayton T. Cole, of North Carolina
General Counsel
Appalachian State University, 2009

Melinda W. Grier, of Oregon
General Counsel
University of Oregon, 2009

Kenneth Andre McKanders, of Michigan
General Counsel
Eastern Michigan University, 2009

Gerald (Jerry) Woods Counsel, of Georgia
Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
[Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia], 2009

Francine Tilewick Bazluke, of Vermont
Vice President & General Counsel
University of Vermont; 2008

Stephen J. Hirschfeld, of California
Curiale Dellaverson Hirschfeld & Kraemer, LLP
Member Representative for the University of San Francisco; 2008

Thomas Butcher, of Michigan
General Counsel
Grand Valley State University; 2007

Christine Helwick, of California
General Counsel and Secretary
California State University; 2007

Benjamin E. Rawlins, of Oregon
General Counsel
Oregon University System; 2007

Michael D. Sermersheim, Ohio
Associate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
University of Akron; 2007

Thomas P. Hustoles, of Michigan
Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone and Counsel to
Western Michigan University; 2006

Pamela J. Bernard, of Florida
Vice President and General Counsel
University of Florida; 2004

William R. Kauffman, of Missouri
General Counsel and Secretary
Saint Louis University; 2004

S. Andrew Schaffer, of New York
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of the University
New York University; 2003

Mary Ann Connell, of Mississippi
General Counsel
University of Mississippi; 2002

Mary Elizabeth Kurz, of North Carolina
Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
North Carolina State University; 2002

Peter H. Ruger, of Illinois
General Counsel
Southern Illinois University; 2001

George M. Shur*, of Illinois
General Counsel
Northern Illinois University; 2001

Richard B. Crockett, of Minnesota
Gray, Plant, Mooty, Mooty & Bennett and Counsel to
Saint Olaf College; 2000

Paul J. Ward, of Arizona
General Counsel
Arizona State University; 2000

Estelle A. Fishbein, of Maryland
Vice President and General Counsel
Johns Hopkins University; 1999

Beverly E. Ledbetter, of Rhode Island
Vice President and General Counsel
Brown University, 1998

Phillip M. Grier*, of the District of Columbia
Executive Director and CEO, Emeritus
National Association of College and University Attorneys; 1996

Roderick K. Daane, of Michigan
Hooper, Hathaway, Price, Beuche & Wallace; 1995

David M. Donaldson,* of Massachusetts
Partner, Ropes & Gray and Counsel to
Radcliffe College; 1995
awarded posthumously

David S. Tatel, of Maryland
U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit; 1993

Donald R. Fowler,* of California
General Counsel
California Institute of Technology; 1992

Norman L. Epstein, of California
California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District; 1992

John A. Beach, of New York
Partner, Bond Shoeneck and King and Counsel to
Albany Medical Center and Syracuse University; 1991

Norman A. Wiggins,* of North Carolina
Campbell University; 1991

John Holt Myers,* of the District of Columbia
Ross, Marsh, Foster, Myers & Quiggle; 1988

J. Rufus Bealle,* of Alabama
Secretary and General Counsel
The University of Alabama System; 1983

John W. Wheeler,* of New York
Partner, Thacher, Profitt & Wood and General Counsel
Columbia University; 1982

Charles S. Horgan,* of New York
Partner, Muldoon & Horgan and Counsel to
College of New Rochelle and College of the Holy Cross; 1980
awarded posthumously

Henry L. Bowden, Sr.* of Georgia
General Counsel
Emory University; 1980