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NACUA Speaker's Corner

The NACUA Speaker’s Corner offers resources to ensure a quality presentation. Learn how to present clear content and engage audiences. With videos from Steve Hughes and links to helpful public speaking tips, you can be sure your presentation gets noticed.

Becoming a Speaker or Author


Designing Your Presentation

Delivering Your Presentation

Gain the tools you need to connect with and influence others when you can’t be there in person.  Virtual Magic: Delivering Great Presentations Online.  Use your NACUA website login to access this free presentation.

This video series, featuring Steve Hughes of Hit Your Stride, is a collection of brief tutorials designed to help NACUA members excel at public speaking during NACUA programs or in any setting.

Capture Immediate Attention

Make an immediate impact by capturing your audience’s attention from your very first words.

Understand Adult Learning Styles

Facilitate learning transfer by understanding adult learning styles.

Engage Distracted Audiences

Employ audience engagement strategies to overcome distractions and connect with your audience.

Interactive Handout

Prepare for Dynamic Q&A 

Learn strategies for more meaningful and dynamic Q&A.

Engaging Webinar Audiences

Overcome the unique challenge of keeping your webinar audience engaged with these tips.

Using PowerPoint Effectively in Webinars

Learn how to maximize the impact of your PowerPoint slides during webinars.

Other Resources