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NACUA’s Top 10 Timesaving Tips to Assist You in Your Daily Practice

  1. Utilize NACUANET. NACUANET is a members-only professional networking platform and listserv that gives you access to your member attorney colleagues who post and send thoughtful questions and responses in a timely manner. Use the “search” feature on the NACUANET platform to mine prior posts about a topic you’re interested in. If you cannot find responsive results, post a question and your NACUA member colleagues will steer you on the right path.

  2. Use Advanced Search Features to search the Legal Resources Library. Apply filters to narrow your search results, like you would in an Amazon search, or restrict search results to a limited date range. This can help you focus more quickly on responsive search results.

  3. Consult the Sample Documents Library. Drafting a contract, lease, clause, or other form? See if we have some samples in the Sample Documents Library.

  4. Learn the Basics by Accessing Lawyers New to Higher Education Materials. Browse our Lawyers New to Higher Education Resource Page for basic information about higher education legal issues. On this resource page, you can quickly develop a foundation and work from there to expand your knowledge base.

  5. Search New Cases and Developments by Using Filters or by Key Word. Search NC&D using the topical filters on the right side of the screen or using the key word search feature to find recent legal developments on a specific topic in case law.

  6. Consult the Higher Education Compliance Alliance Compliance Matrix. Consult the HECA Compliance Matrix to stay up to date on federal regulations and reporting obligations.

  7. Read a NACUANOTE. NACUANOTES are short, concise, practical summaries of recent legal developments in higher education law.

  8. Host a staff meeting on NACUA Resources. Host a staff meeting where you teach fellow staff members how to use NACUA resources efficiently. Show NACUA’s Legal Resources Video and share these timesaving tips.

  9. Call a NACUA member. Do not hesitate to call an Annual Conference speaker or an author of a NACUANOTE. Consult the Membership Directory for contact information. NACUA members love to help!

  10. Conduct an Advanced Google Search: Looking for a sample policy? Restrict a Google search to .edu domains by entering ":.edu" into the Google search feature. For example, ":.edu 'remote work' and policy" will deliver results restricted to college and university remote work policies.

Of course, if you are having trouble finding a NACUA resource, the NACUA staff is here to help.  Our Law Fellow can help you find conference outlines, NACUANET posts, and more.  You can contact the law fellow by email at lrs@nacua.org.