NACUA Dashboards


Membership Dashboard

Membership Rewired

This is a high-level dashboard that will show how many active institutions and attorneys are in our member pool. In addition to the overall count, you will see the distribution of our organizations and attorneys based on region, enrollment size, tenure, individual demographic attributes, and much more.

Users can expand most of the graphs to get a list of all organizations or attorneys that are a part of a certain demographic. Simply right click on the graph and click drill through.

Institution Universe

Membership Universe

This is an organization level dashboard that shows the distribution of all institutions, both members and non-members, across many attributes. These attributes include institution type (public vs private), degree types, enrollment size, religious affiliation and more. These graphs will show the percentage of each population that are NACUA members and non-members.

Member Retention


Since FY 2016, this dashboard provides aggregate and detailed reporting of NACUA’s membership retention based on membership type.

Users can expand the Retention % by Payment table and Retention % by Cancellation by right clicking on a cell and clicking Drill Through. You will then select the level of detail you wish to see choosing from Invoice, Paid and Cancelled.

Events and Volunteering


Engagement Dashboard

When members attend meetings and events like the Annual Conference, CLE Workshops, Webinars, and Online Courses they earn engagement points. This dashboard will show the top organization and individual engagement scores as well as the points for all members and institutions.

To see the engagement profile for an individual or organization, right click on the name and click Drill Through and select either Organization Profile or Individual Profile.

Events Dashboard

Events Dashboard

Broken into two main categories, this dashboard will show registration and event details for Annual and Workshop Events as well as Online Courses and Webinars. Users will be able to compare registration of an upcoming event to similar past events and see how current registration numbers line up from past events based on how far away the event is.  

Presenter Dashboard

Presenter Dashboard

Users will be able to compare overall presenter numbers across similar events and see how those presenters are distributed across multiple demographic attributes. This dashboard will also provide presenter rankings and overall event rankings.

This dashboard can be used to help determine presenters for future events based on the demographic breakdown from past events.