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NACUA's First Decade Award

Sean P. Scally - 2008

Sean P. Scally served as counsel to Vanderbilt University for ten years. Before joining Vanderbilt, he served for five years as Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division for the State of Tennessee, and prior to that, he clerked for a senior federal judge at the U.S. Tax Court in Washington, D.C. Sean has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a law degree from Washburn University, an LL.M. in Tax Law from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and a Master’s degree in Classic Literature from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He is also a retired U.S. Army JAG Corps Officer.

Mr. Scally has been a member of NACUA since 1998. He has served on the NACUANOTES Editorial Board, the Editorial Board for The Journal of College and University Law, the Committee on Membership and Member Services, and the Committee on Program for Annual Conference. He has served as a speaker, moderator, or discussion leader thirteen times throughout his NACUA membership. Mr. Scally is a frequent contributor to NACUANET, and is recognized throughout the membership as an invaluable advisor on tax issues.

NACUA is pleased to recognize Sean Scally as a recipient of the First Decade Award for his outstanding service to the Association and to the practice of higher education law in his first ten years of membership.