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Fellows of the Association Award

John Robinson - 2012

For over 18 years, John Robinson has been one of the faculty editors of NACUA’s Journal of College and University Law (JCUL) along with his colleague, Bill Hoye. As a tenured associate professor of law at the University of Notre Dame, John teaches Civil Procedures, Trusts and Estates, Jurisprudence, Elder Law, and a seminar in end-of-life legal issues. His principal research interests in recent years have been the law of higher education, the constitutional dimensions of physician-assisted suicide in the United States, and the impact that the need for human organs that are suitable for transplantation has had on how death is defined and declared in the United States these days.

John received a Bachelors of Arts degree from Boston College in 1967, a Masters of Arts degree from Notre Dame in 1972, and a Ph.D. (in philosophy) from Notre Dame in 1975. After teaching at the University of San Francisco for three years, he attended law school at the University of California at Berkeley, receiving a J.D. degree from that institution in 1979. After teaching for a year at the University of Miami School of Law, he clerked for Judge Emmet Clarie in the United States District Court in Connecticut during the 1980-81 clerking year.

Since 1996 when John joined NACUA he has attended nearly every annual conference, he has led several NACUA educational programs, and has written two JCUL articles. As the faculty editor of the JCUL, John has served on the NACUA JCUL Editorial Board since 1994. His colleagues have noted that through John’s scholarly leadership, JCUL has become a highly respected law review and source of invaluable information for NACUA attorneys.

NACUA is pleased to recognize John Robinson as a Fellow of the Association for his extensive scholarship in higher education law over for the benefit of colleges and universities.