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Life Membership

This membership category is granted after an individual's retirement from the regular practice of higher education law (or similar end of regular representative status), in recognition of outstanding service and substantial contributions to the Association. 


Please note that the hyperlinked biographies below reflect the recipient's background as of the year he or she received the honor or award.

Melinda W. Grier. 2017
Carol L. J. Hustoles. 2017
Thomas P. Hustoles. 2016
Benjamin E. Rawlins, 2016
Gerald W. Woods, 2016
Georgia Yuan, 2016
Lucien "Skip" Capone III, 2015
David M. Birnbaum, 2014
Wendy Bohlke, 2014
Jonathan R. Alger, 2013
Nicholas T. Long, 2013
Craig W. Parker, 2013
Susan Bradshaw, 2012
Norden Gilbert, 2012
Elsa Cole, 2011
Robert Haverkamp, 2011
Kaye Koonce, 2011
Peter Ruger, 2011
Mary Elizabeth Kurz, 2010
Eileen K. Jennings, 2009
Sally S. Harwood, 2008 
Marvin E. "Bunky" Wright, 2008 
Barbara F. Geffen, 2007 
Melany Stinson Newby, 2007 
Genevieve Graffeo Stubbs, 2007 
James E. Holst, 2006 
Edward N. Stoner II, 2006
S. Andrew Schaffer, 2005 
Nick Estes, 2005
Richard B. Crockett, 2004
Estelle A. Fishbein, 2004
David Scott, 2004
Paul Shapiro, 2004
Brian A. Snow, 2004
Bishop C. Holifield, 2003
George M. Shur*, 2003
Michael C. Weston, 2001
Eugene H. Bramhall, 2000
Herbert D. Schwartzman, 2000
Byron H. Higgins, 1999
John A. Beach, 1998
Roderick K. Daane, 1997
Sanford H. Levine*, 1997
Phillip M. Grier*, 1996
R. Joel Tierney*, 1995
William H. Oswald, 1994
Donal R. Fowler*, 1991
James B. Wilson*, 1989
J. Rufus Bealle*, 1986
Ray Trammell*, 1985
James Costello,* 1985
William Byron Darden,* 1984
John W. Wheeler,* 1984
Neal R. Stamp*, 1980
The Hon. Norman L. Epstein, 1975
Edwin G. Gemrich,* 1973
The Hon Thomas J. Cunningham*1973
Lawrence R. Caruso*, 1971
Edmund McIlhenny,* 1971
E. C. Bryson*, 1971
Alban Weber*, 1971
Warren H. Resh,* 1967