NACUA Educational Programs

Enhance your knowledge on current issues and legal developments in the field of higher education law.  Each year, NACUA offers a number of educational programs including CLE Workshops, Webinars, Online Courses and the Annual Conference, all of which provide continuing legal education credits.

Annual Conference

The NACUA Annual Conference is the most popular program offered by NACUA, attracting hundreds of higher education attorneys each year. Held in June, the Conference focuses on current issues and legal developments in the field of higher education law.

Plenary sessions address challenges in the field, while panel and small discussion sessions focus on specific issues of importance to higher education lawyers and their institutions. The Conference also affords attorneys the opportunity to share formal and informal insights and expertise with colleagues from across the country, and provides an abundance of networking opportunities. NACUA member attorneys are given a significant discount on registration fees.

NACUA Continuing Legal Education Workshops

NACUA offers a variety of continuing legal education (CLE) workshops each year. Programs are held in different locations to facilitate member attendance.

NACUA workshops provide up-to-date legal information from practitioners with real “hands-on” experience, and – equally important – give attorneys the critical opportunity to interact with colleagues who share their challenges and concerns. Like the Annual Conference, NACUA member attorneys are given a significant discount on registration fees.

NACUA Webinars

NACUA's Webinars are interactive programs in which members participate without leaving their office. Registrants listen and view a PowerPoint presentation over the web. Webinars touch on "hot topic" issues in a timely and effective manner and are designed to appeal to both attorneys and their clients (administrators, faculty, other staff).

NACUA Briefings

A NACUA Briefing is a new service offering timely education on breaking legal developments. Briefings are short, audio-only presentations that are free of charge for NACUA members.  Participants’ lines will be muted throughout the Briefing and there will not be an opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

NACUA Online Courses

NACUA’s online courses give participants in-depth coverage of important issues in the practice of higher education law. Each course features PowerPoint presentations narrated by leading higher education law experts (like a series of pre-recorded webinars), extensive course materials, self-assessments and instructor-led webinars.

NACUA Staff Contact Information

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NACUA Leadership

NACUA is governed by a Board of Directors and it maintains a commitment to volunteer participation through its Committees. 

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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