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NACUA's Life Membership Award

Sanford H. Levine - 1997

Sanford H. Levine, of New York. Sanford Levine retired this past year, having served the State University of New York for nearly 30 years. He joined the General Counsel’s office in 1967 as Associate Counsel. From 1970-1978, he served as Deputy University Counsel, and from 1978-1996, he was University Counsel and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs. Since 1992, Mr. Levine has served as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Educational Administration and Policy Studies. He now serves a Service Professor of Educational Administration & Policy Studies and Director of the Program in Education & Law.

Like Mr. Daane, Mr. Levine was a member of the Board of Directors of NACUA. He was first elected in 1979 and served as President of the Association in 1986-87. His service to NACUA includes participation on numerous committees, including Articles and Bylaws (chair, 1979-1981), National Office, Program (chair, 1984-85), Publications, Professional Relations (chair, 1988-89), Finance, Honors and Awards, Nominations (chair 1987-88) and Member Services.

Mr. Levine is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and the New York Bar Foundation, and is a past member of the American Bar Association House of Delegates. He is the co-author of “Coping with a Litigious Environment” in Governing Public Colleges and Universities and Governing Independent Colleges and Universities, both published by Jossey-Bass Publishers. NACUA is pleased to recognize and honor Mr. Levine, by bestowing Life Membership upon him for his many years of volunteerism on behalf of the Association, and for his lifetime of dedication and service to the profession of law and higher education.