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NACUA's Life Membership Award

Paul Shapiro - 2004

Paul Shapiro retired in 2003, having served for 21 years as an Assistant Attorney General for the University of Connecticut. At various times during these two decades, Mr. Shapiro served on the Committee on Articles and Bylaws, the Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Relations, the Committees on Publications, Continuing Legal Education, and Program for the Annual Conference, and the Task Force on ABA Specialty Certification. He also attended all but one Annual Conference from 1983 to 1999, serving as a regular speaker and/or a moderator.

Mr. Shapiro was a member of the New England lawyer’s group, where he epitomized the best of NACUA – helping others, listening sympathetically or just being a friendly face to new and veteran members. He never failed to take the time to assist his colleagues and, in fact, volunteered countless hours to those who often called him with “a quick question” or just to get his input on a particular issue. He worked graciously as a colleague and friend to NACUA members from all types of institutions coast to coast.

NACUA is pleased to formally recognize Paul Shapiro’s contributions to NACUA and his many years of dedicated service to the University of Connecticut and the profession by presenting him with Life Membership.