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NACUA's Life Membership Award

Richard B. Crockett - 2004

After 30 years of service to higher education, Richard B. Crockett retired in December 2003 to become Executive Director of the Edina Community Foundation. Over the course of those 30 years, Mr. Crockett served as University Attorney to the North Dakota State University, and as outside counsel to Syracuse University, Hamilton College, and St. Olaf College. He received his B.A., magna cum laude, from the University of North Dakota and his J.D. from Stanford University School of Law.

During Mr. Crockett’s long tenure in NACUA, he served on nearly every Association committee, chairing the Committee on Program for Annual Conference in 1988-89, the Committee on Nominations and Elections in 1991-92, and the Committee on Honors and Awards in 1992-93. He was first elected to the Board of Directors in 1981, serving a three-year term as a member-at-large, and again in 1987, as Second Vice President. He served as First Vice President in 1989-90, as President-Elect in 1989-90, and as NACUA’s 30th President in 1990-91.

Mr. Crockett is the founding – and sole – volunteer author of the NACUA Outline Guide, whose origins date back to 1986. It is the only cumulative index of all CLE and Annual Conference outlines available to NACUA attorneys, and remains today one of the most valuable and time-saving resources in the Legal Reference Service. Mr. Crockett is also co-author of the NACUA long sold-out compendium, Accommodating Students with Learning and Psychiatric Disabilities.

Richard Crockett has been a generous, thoughtful and always gracious contributor to NACUA, a positive role model for newcomers to the profession, and the very epitome of the collegiality that the organization so cherishes. NACUA is pleased to recognize these accomplishments and achievements and to bestow on him Life Membership.