October 24, 2019 • 12–2 PM ET

Religion on Campus: Conflicts and Accommodations

Colleges and universities have long espoused commitments to diversity and inclusion on campus. Religious identity is one aspect of diversity that offers expansive possibilities for rich exchanges and student growth. Of course, as a nation steeped in its own cultural identity, religious diversity gives rise to instances in which students, faculty, and employees from various faith backgrounds may need accommodations in order to participate fully in the university experience. Also, conflicts can sometimes arise between and among religious identity groups, and secular ones as well. Whether at public, private, religious, or secular institutions, campus leaders are called upon to think about how they can best welcome and include students, faculty, and employees who identify with a variety of faith traditions, or none at all, all the while complying with constitutional guarantees, federal laws, and agency guidance. 

This webinar will address religious conflicts and accommodations on campus, with a particular emphasis on:

  • Common requests for religious accommodations, such as requests related to single-sex programs, religious holidays, housing transfers, and special issues relating to international students;
  • Policies on religious accommodations and how accommodations requests move through an institution; and
  • Religious conflicts on campus such as conflicts between and among student organizations.

Who Should Listen In

This webinar will be of interest to attorneys who advise colleges and universities on civil rights issues and administrators who must address or process accommodations requests (both in student and employee contexts) or manage religious conflicts on campus.   

Program Schedule

12:00 P.M. ET


Common Requests for Religious Accommodations

  • Distinction between public, private, and religious institutions
  • Requests for Single-Sex Programs
  • Housing Transfer Requests
  • Religious Holidays
  • Bias-Related Incidents

Policies and Structure 



  • Conflicts Between and Among Student Groups
  • Bias-Related Incidents


2:00 P.M. ET

IX. Conclusion


Bridget Colbert 

Dana Fleming


Bridget Colbert joined Santa Clara University as Assistant General Counsel in 2011. As Interim General Counsel, Bridget oversees the University's legal office and provides counsel to ...

Dana Fleming Headshot
Dana L. Fleming joined Tufts from the Massachusetts House of Representatives where she served as Deputy Chief Counsel for three years.In that role, Ms. Fleming drafted legislation and advised the House of Representatives on employment matters, contract negotiations and compliance work, including ...



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