September 30, 2015 • 12PM–2PM ET
Race, Class & College Access: Achieving Diversity In A Shifting Legal Landscape

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court granted review in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. Some suggested the Court’s action might signal the Court’s intention to narrow colleges’ and universities’ ability to consider race in admissions decisions.  In July, The American Council on Education released, “Race, Class and College Access:  Achieving Diversity in a Shifting Legal Landscape,” a report designed to help institutions of higher education gain a broader understanding of how they can respond to the changing legal landscape when undertaking efforts to diversify their student populations.

As a follow-up to the release of the report, three experts will discuss:

  • The current legal landscape.
  • Distinguishing race-conscious and neutral standards and identifying those that aren't what they appear to be.
  • What the report tells us.
  • Practical strategies colleges and universities can or should use to meet their diversity goals regardless of the current or future legal restrictions we face.

Please join our three expert panelists to discuss how the cases, the results of the survey and the results from the field provide a roadmap that any institution can use to help it achieve its diversity goals in an effective and defensible way.

Program Schedule

12:00 P.M. ET

Introduction of Speakers

I. Introduction and Background

  • a. The strict scrutiny standard
  • b. What the cases tell us
  • c. What the survey tells us

II. Key Operational Issues

  • a. Institutional Issues
  • b. Overarching Policy
  • c. Requirements
  • d. Inventory
  • e. Documentation and evaluation
  • f. Decition-making
  • Process Management

III. Lessons learned from the field

  • a. Making programs successful
  • b. Employing multiple strategies
  • c. Enlisting multiple constituencies
  • d. Monitoring progress and determining success
  • e. Keeping the program current
2:00 P.M. ET



Art Coleman


Art Coleman is Managing Partner and Co-Founder for EducationCounsel LLC. With extensive background in providing legal, policy, strategic planning...

Shannon Grundy


Shannon Gundy is Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland where she began as an Admission...

Jamie Lewis Keith


Jamie Lewis Keith is Vice President, General Counsel and University Secretary of the University of Florida, Florida’s foremost preeminent research university...


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