Title IX Coordinator Training

Note: The course has been updated to address the U.S. Department of Education’s August 2020 Title IX regulations addressing sexual harassment.  The regulations require institutions of higher education to make any Title IX training materials publicly available on their websites. Accordingly, course participants may post the updated course materials if they deem doing so appropriate in accordance with §106.45(b)(10). NACUA does not grant course participants permission to post course materials that were created prior to the release of the August 2020 regulations.

This course will undergo a significant course update at the time that the U.S. Department of Education releases the final Title IX regulations. This updated course will launch as soon as is feasible based on the rule’s release date.

The three pre-recorded modules currently offered focus on the August 2020 Title IX regulations addressing sexual harassment that are still currently effective.  

Title IX Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the entire breadth of an institution's Title IX compliance efforts. This includes gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, sexual assault, and athletics. These are significant responsibilities. To be effective, Coordinators should be well versed in the procedures, policies, and training mechanisms in place for addressing campus sexual harassment, sexual violence, and equity in athletics. It is crucial that Title IX Coordinators receive appropriate training to successfully handle the position's multiple responsibilities.

The current course consists of three modules featuring pre-recorded webinars. The course’s synchronous, live classes are currently paused and will resume in some form when the updated course launches after the Department of Education releases the updated final Title IX regulations.

The course currently features access to:

  • Three modules totaling over four hours of content (pre-recorded webinars, self-assessments, and written resources. The course also includes access to detailed PowerPoint presentations from four unrecorded live modules that took place in fall 2023)   

Participants can access course materials for one year from the date of purchase.

Who Should Participate?

This course is designed for campus Title IX Coordinators. After reviewing the schedule, institutions may determine that there are attorneys or other campus administrators who would benefit from the program as well.

Course Schedule

  Fundamentals of the August 2020 Regulatory Requirements (pre-recorded webinars)  

Jurisdiction and Other Threshold Topics

  • Definition of Sexual Harassment
  • To Whom do the Regulations Apply? Applicability of Regulations to Students and Employees (Title VII)
  • When and Where do the Regulations Apply?
  • Implementation Issues
  • Required Institutional Response to a Report

Formal Complaints, Investigations & Grievance Procedures

  • The Formal Complaint
  • Written Notice of Allegations
  • Dismissal of Formal Complaints
  • Advisors
  • Informal Resolution
  • Relevancy Determinations and more

Policy & Training Obligations

  • Dissemination of Policy
  • Elements to be Included in Your Policy
  • Policy Decision Points
  • Required Training


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This course contains (1) three modules including pre-recorded webinars, self-assessment quizzes, and reading assignments and (2) beginning in fall 2020...