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NACUANEWS Volume 100

CEO’s Corner


September 2017

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to the 100th edition of NACUANEWS! As NACUA starts a new fiscal year (as of September 1), I thank you for your support over the past year and appreciate the strong member involvement in NACUA. We have close to 400 members who have volunteered for committees and all have been placed on a committee for the year ahead, with orientation calls beginning this month. The staff feels incredibly fortunate to work with such engaged volunteers and to partner with so many of you to achieve NACUA’s mission and strategic priorities. 

I know the start of the academic year has been busier and more challenging than ever, especially for our colleagues who have been affected by the devastation of various hurricanes from which they must recover and endure. I know I speak for all NACUA members in saying that our hearts go out to you and your institutions and we stand ready to help you in any way that we can.

We have also tried in recent weeks to provide you with quick and timely information through our Briefings on campus protests, DACA and new information from OCR regarding Title IX. We have had a phenomenal turnout for those call-in Briefings and will continue to offer them as late breaking and important issues arise. I am incredibly grateful to the speakers who have been willing to offer their expertise with very little notice. It shows the commitment of our members to each other and to NACUA.

Special shout outs to Leigh Cole (Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew) and Steven Bloom (ACE) on DACA; Lee Tyner (University of Mississippi), Sandhya Iyer (Dartmouth College), and Traevena Byrd (Towson University), Sue Riseling (IACLEA) and Penny Rue (NASPA) on campus protests. In offering the Briefings, we are fortunate to continue partnerships with sister associations such as ACE, NASPA, and IACLEA; through NACUA’s association collaboration efforts, we are able to enrich the content of our programmatic offerings.

As you think about the various ways we have communicated with you as members, now that we have completed 100 editions of NACUANEWS, I ask that you consider telling us what you think about NACUANEWS as we move forward. I would be grateful if you took a few minutes to respond to the four questions here. We always want to serve you better so we welcome all comments and thoughts. Thanks for being such a great group of members!