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NACUA's Legal Resources staff summarizes current higher education cases and developments and provides the full text of selected cases to members. New cases and developments are archived here for up to 12 months.  Cases provided by Fastcase, Inc.

Selected Topics: Technology Cybersecurity
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Cybersecurity; Technology; Campus Police, Safety & Crisis Management; Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity: FBI Public Service Announcement on Fraud Schemes Targeting Universities (May 5, 2017)

Public Service Announcement issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warning of a fraud schemes targeting universities and their students. The Announcement identifies and summarizes the different schemes that scammers have used since July 2016—including a vendor bank account update scam, the fake “education tax” scam, a phishing scheme requesting W-2 tax information, and a phishing scheme involving payroll fraud—and offers tips on how universities and students can protect themselves.

Online Learning; Cybersecurity

Report on the "Top 10 IT Issues for Colleges and Universities"

Report released by EDUCAUSE outlining the primary issues that higher education institutions should expect in 2016. Report includes interviews with IT professionals at member institutions on the topics facing colleges and university and offers advice on how to effectively address IT issues on a University level.