Campus Copyright Catch-Up

Webinar Recording

The event recording is available for purchase by members for $265. If you registered for the live event, you can purchase the recording for a discounted rate of $50 (use the coupon code in your confirmation email). The recording may be replayed at any time, but may not be copied, posted, or otherwise distributed within or outside of the institution, organization, or firm. The license entitles the purchaser to replay the recording at one campus or at one location of any organization or firm.


As of June 15, 2016, NACUA integrated the Online Learning Center with our member database, in order to simplify and improve your user experience. Previous BlueSky account information has been updated, so please follow the instructions below for login information. 

Step 1: Log in to NACUA's Online Learning Center.

NACUA Members may log in with their NACUA username and password.

Step 2: Select "POST EVENT RECORDING: Campus Copyright Catch-Up (May 24, 2017)."

Step 3: Add the recording to your cart and proceed to purchase. If you registered for the live event, you received a coupon code to purchase the recording for a discounted rate of $50 in your confirmation email.

If you need further assistance, please contact Blue Sky eLearn customer support at (888) 705-6002 and