Implicit Bias: Implications for the Academy

Program Schedule

12:00 P.M. ET

  • Welcome, Introduction of Speakers, & Agenda

  • Understanding Implicit Bias
    • Why is the understanding and management of implicit bias important on today's campuses?
    • What is implicit bias and how does it differ from explicit bias?
    • How do you recognize implicit bias?
    • How do implicit biases develop?
    • What is the impact of implicit bias on decision making?
    • What organizational strategies exist to help manage implicit biases?
    • What personal strategies can help manage implicit biases? 
    • Future research

  • Legal Trends and Forecasting
    • Implicit bias theory
    • Implicit bias expert testimony
    • Key decisions

  • Campus Impact
    • What are the legal and practical risks? Where does it have impact?
    • Distinguishing bias and discrimination
    • Techniques for reducing institutional risk
    • Developing policies
    • Resources

2:00 P.M. ET

     V. Final Takeaways & Concluding Remarks