May 24, 2016
Accommodating Disabilities in Student Housing

This webinar will explore disabilities and accommodations in the context of student housing, focusing on the following topics:

  • Service Animals and Therapy Animals: 
    • What do the Fair Housing Act, Department of Justice, and various state laws say about animals in the residence halls? 
    • What considerations should an institution consider when developing a policy on animals in the residence halls?
  • Responding to Distressed and Disruptive Students: 
    • What have we learned from recent OCR Resolution Agreements about institutional responses to direct threats? 
    • What role should housing administrators and campus counsel play on threat assessment teams? 
    • What privacy concerns arise with respect to roommate requests that implicate disability accommodations? 
    •  What privacy considerations arise when conducting welfare checks? 
  • Additional Topics: 
    • Employment-related accommodations
    • ADA considerations in student conduct proceedings
    • Accommodating medical marijuana requests

In each of these areas, presenters will offer an overview of the underlying law governing each of the issues, identify various implementation issues, and offer practical tips for accommodating disabilities in the residence halls.

Program Schedule

12:00 P.M. ET

Introduction of Speakers

2:00 P.M. ET



Samantha Hill

Samantha Hill

Samantha Hill is Associate General Counsel at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, where her practice includes providing legal advice and counsel to the ...

Marla Morgen

Marla Morgen

Marla Morgen is Senior Associate General Counsel for DePaul University. In her position, Marla provides legal counsel on a wide-variety of areas such as student conduct, sexual and  ...

Jeffrey J. Nolan

Jeff Nolan

Jeffrey J. Nolan's litigation and counseling practice with Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew, P.C. ( focuses on: representing employers and institutions of...


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