November 10-12, 2021

Unlocking the Path Forward for Higher Education Compliance

This year’s college and university compliance workshop takes place at a crossroad for higher education.  The global coronavirus pandemic has accelerated long-term trends affecting higher education institutions, recalibrated the needs and expectations of key stakeholders and constituencies, and presented urgent challenges and intriguing opportunities for colleges and universities across the country.  In turn, the critical roles of counsel and compliance professionals, as well as the framework for legal advice, risk management, and compliance programs, have been tested like never before. 

As higher education embarks on the path forward, join us to reflect on the lessons learned during this challenging period and to understand the emerging topics and enduring issues that will continue to shape college and university compliance, including:

  • The future of employment compliance;
  • Athletics compliance and developments;
  • Washington legislative and regulatory updates, including the continuing focus on undue foreign influence;
  • Compliance and policy approaches to the tension between free speech and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts;
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity;
  • Updates on Title IX, campus safety, and Clery; and
  • Critical records management issues impacting investigations and the attorney-client privilege.

This workshop will also present counsel and compliance officers a unique opportunity to dive deeper into issues relevant to implementing an effective college and university compliance program, including:

  • Evaluating and communicating the effectiveness of your compliance program in the face of COVID-19;
  • A framework for identifying and measuring your compliance program’s guiding culture, values, and mission-critical aspects; and
  • A forum for compliance officers and officials as well as a discussion group on campus training programs.

In addition to virtual panel sessions with live Q&A with the presenters, additional virtual discussion groups and Meet the Experts lounges will allow participants to exchange ideas, pose questions, and share experiences and solutions on a number of important topics with colleagues in an informal setting.  Please join us virtually this November to learn the latest legal and compliance developments!

Who Should Attend?

This program is at the intermediate-advanced level. Registrants will be presumed to have general knowledge of institutional compliance programs and of issues surrounding institutional compliance. The program is directed to college and university counsel and compliance officers with responsibility for institutional compliance programs and issues. Campus administrators such as risk managers and others with significant responsibility for college and university compliance will also benefit from the program. Note: Unlike our webinars, workshops are not to be shared.  If other administrators on your campus are interested in attending, they must submit a registration and accompanying fee to attend.

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