Inside a Clery Act Audit

Program Schedule

12:00 P.M. ET

  • Welcome, Introduction of Speaker, & Agenda 

  • Brief Background on the Clery Act
    • Major categories of reportable crimes
    • New areas of consideration
    • Department of Education enforcement

  • Enforcement; Steps in a Clery Act Audit
    • Steps in a Clery Act audit
    • Role of in-house and outside counsel during an audit
    • Recent fines under the Clery Act

  • Question & Answer

  • Preparing Your Campus for a Clery Audit
    • Standard operating procedures for Clery compliance
    • The importance of documentation
    • Increasing awareness of the Clery Act and roles of campus personnel

  • What Institutions May and Should Do While an Audit is Ongoing
    • Internal assessment of Clery Act compliance
    • Communicating with senior institutional leadership
    • Working with the Office of Communications

  • What to Do Following a Clery Act Audit
    • Notifying appropriate constituencies of the outcome
    • Develop a communications strategy
    • Post-audit de-brief with appropriate personnel

  • Question & Answer

2:00 P.M. ET

   IX. Final Takeaways & Concluding Remarks