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CEO’s Corner

image002October 2016 

Dear Colleagues:

NACUA’s strategic plan is our guidebook for every activity in which the staff is engaged. I want to share with you over the next several months one priority per NACUANEWS edition so that the plan will come to life for you as members.  Our process for developing the plan with the Board is simple and it works well as a result. 

Strategic priority 1 (of 7) for 2016-17:

  • Continue to maintain NACUA’s historic commitment to volunteer participation in its programming and governance, with continuing attention to diversity and inclusiveness, and find ways to engage members that complement their needs and interests while being mindful of workload demands.

It is quite intentional that this is the first of NACUA’s priorities.

Our volunteers, more than 350 this year, are the lifeblood of NACUA and its ability to accomplish so much more than we could as a staff of 17. We rely on volunteers to develop and implement the Annual Conference, CLE workshops, online courses and webinars; they author NACUANOTES and scholarly articles in the Journal of College and University Law; they speak and prepare incredibly valuable outlines for members at conferences and workshop; they contribute expertise to colleagues through NACUANET; and they help a colleague who is in need and may not know where to turn on a legal matter. We would not be NACUA without them.

We are committed to diversity and inclusivity in all we do -- whether selecting speakers or topics for sessions, appointing committee members, choosing new Board members or recipients of honors and awards – each of the committees responsible for this work report to a NACUA Board Advisory Council on Diversity (BACDI) and Inclusivity, the only council of its kind. The new diversity and inclusivity section of the NACUA website provides more information about BACDI and how the Association’s focused attention on diversity and inclusivity manifests itself: Board Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusivity.

Some specific activities that fall within Priority 1:

  1. In all aspects of governance, programming and services, seek broad member input and affirm NACUA’s core values of quality, service, civility, collegiality, diversity, inclusiveness and respect.
    • Effective Board Orientation and Training
    • Deliberative Nominations and Elections Process
    • CLE and Annual Conference Session and Speaker Planning and Selection
    • Exit Interviews of Outgoing Board Members
    • Board Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusivity
    • Various Advisory Group
  2. Provide and maintain meaningful volunteer participation in NACUA’s governance activities while being mindful of the increasing demand on members’ time and workloads.
    • Board and Committee Orientation and Training
    • Board and Committee Service
    • Regular Board Meeting Evaluations and Periodic Board Self-Assessments
    • Ongoing Development of Volunteer Leadership Opportunities Within and Among NACUA's Committee Structure
    • Continued Attention to New Member Involvement
    • Continued Use of Short-Term Advisory Groups and Task Forces
    • Sidebar Sessions during Breaks at the Annual Conference Regarding Committee Service and Serving as Speakers and Authors
    • "Did You Know" Webinars Regarding Committee Service
  3. Foster an environment of open communications with members regarding the Association’s business, governance, and strategic planning directions.
    • Regular Communications to the Membership through NACUANEWS
    • Board Agendas, Minutes and Committee Reports Posted on the Website
    • Reports on Status of Association Finances, Governance, and Strategic Planning Posted on the Website
    • Continued Attention to Providing Information Regarding Committee Appointments and Service, the Board Nominations Process, and Other Volunteer Opportunities
  4. Continue to provide and enhance Board orientation and continuing education.
    • Board Resources on Website as Part of Board Orientation
    • Comprehensive Board Orientation Sessions Conducted Each Fall
    • Ongoing Continuing Education Sessions Provided to Board Members Throughout the Year
    • Ongoing Assessment of Ways to Enhance and/or Revise Orientation Process and Program as Appropriate, and Review of Best Practices in this Area
  5. Continue to inform members about, and periodically monitor the success of, diversity and inclusivity resources and initiatives.
    • Dashboard Indicator Reports
    • Development of Website on Diversity & Inclusivity
    • Continued Identification of Diverse Speakers for the Annual Conference, Workshops, and Webinars; and Sessions that Relate to Diversity
    • Continued Attention to Diversity in NACUA's Governance Activities, Including Diversity of Membership on NACUA Committees and on the Board of Directors

The full list of priorities can be found here: http://www.nacua.org/strategicpriorities. Comments and questions are always welcome.


Kathleen Curry Santora
President & Chief Executive Officer