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Lead Title IX Investigator

Department and Position Background

Cornell University is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning, living, and working environment for its students, faculty, and staff members. To this end, Cornell will not tolerate sexual and related misconduct.  Click here to learn more.

The Lead Title IX Investigator position reports to the University Title IX Coordinator who has primary responsibility for the administration of University Policy 6.4. The Investigator will be responsible for investigating complaints of sexual and related misconduct (including prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, sexual and gender-based harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual exploitation) pursuant to Cornell University Policy 6.4 and the applicable procedures for students, staff, and faculty. The Investigator plays a significant role in meeting the university's training and education obligations under Title IX, VAWA, and other federal and state civil rights laws.

Key Responsibilities

The Investigator's primary role is to conduct investigations of complaints filed under Policy 6.4 against students, staff, and faculty, which includes interacting directly with students, staff, and faculty represented by attorneys, the Judicial Codes Counselors, the Complainant's Advisors, or other procedural advisors, and presenting information at the conclusion of the investigation through an investigative report, an investigative record, and, where requested, live testimony at a hearing.  The Investigator will conduct complex analysis and reach legally sound determinations and produce high quality written work product.  With case-related guidance from the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, the investigator will work independently and is responsible for their case load, partnering with appropriate university officials throughout the investigative process, conducting legally sufficient investigations, meeting established timelines, and treating all individuals engaged in the complaint process with sensitivity, respect, and neutrality.

When a complaint is filed, the Investigator will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation in accordance with the applicable Policy 6.4 procedures. The Investigator acts as a neutral party in the investigation and provides an unbiased report and investigative record regarding the investigation consistent with Policy 6.4, the applicable procedures, and the applicable legal standards

Required Qualifications

Juris Doctorate degree with 3-5 years of related professional experience conducting investigations under Title IX or employment discrimination statutes and presenting cases, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Training consistent with annual training requirements set forth in relevant federal and New York state laws, regulations, and guidance.
  • Must possess absolute respect for the dignity of all human beings, regardless of their behaviors or circumstances.
  • Excellent judgment with the ability to manage highly sensitive and confidential information. Strong skills in the areas of conflict resolution, problem solving techniques, interviewing, and investigation. Strong analytical skills and the ability to assess and negotiate complex, highly sensitive situations. Exceptional critical thinking skills demonstrated by the ability to analyze information, evaluate results, and facilitate resolution of difficult challenges, including the ability to handle issues of complex and extreme sensitivity. Skill in writing concise, logical reports and in presenting complex issues orally. Ability to maintain neutrality and work under stress.
  • Strong and effective interpersonal skills including the ability to listen well and demonstrate sensitivity to and respect for individual needs. Ability to work as part of a University-wide community to resolve complaints in a neutral and sensitive manner.
  • Demonstrated experience establishing and maintaining professional and productive working relationships with faculty and/or staff at all levels at the University.
  • Demonstrated experience reading and interpreting complex legal documents to evaluate their impact on University policy and procedures including experience working with nondiscrimination laws and compliance regulations, including NYS Law 129-B, Title IX, Title VII, New York Human Rights Law, the Clery Act, VAWA, and FERPA.
  • Demonstrated excellent interpersonal, communication, planning, reasoning, and organizational skills, as well as excellent judgment and discretion required. Must interact with others and represent the University in a professional, respectful and thoughtful manner.
  • Demonstrated experience working independently and taking initiative.
  • Experience developing and delivering educational presentations before a group.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in a university student conduct office or an office of discrimination and harassment is highly preferred.
  • Experience in EEO investigations in a university or corporate setting is highly preferred.
  • Language proficiency in one or more languages in addition to English.
  • Success in working with diverse constituencies, both domestic and international, to support an inclusive campus environment.
  • Experience investigating cases of interpersonal violence.
  • Experience in areas of higher education with experience conducting investigations and knowledge of complexities surrounding investigations in a college setting.
  • Experience working with college students.
  • Title IX Investigator training certification.
  • Experience in human development and/or counseling (especially related to alcohol/drugs and/or sexual assault and/or human development) and/or criminal justice or related fields.
  • Familiarity with legal, social, and other factors relevant to student behavior and campus adjudication proceedings.
  • Familiarity working with the LBGTQ community.

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