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Director, Legal Services & Equal Employment Opportunity

San Diego Community College District

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This position provides legal counsel for the Chancellor, Cabinet, Board of Trustees, and district administrative staff; manage and coordinate legal services and litigation assigned to outside counsel; administer legal and administrative requirements of Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) and Diversity under federal and State laws and codes as well as district policies and procedures for all components of the District. Provide districtwide training related to assigned functions. Provide consultation on employee discipline, due process, and grievances.

Desired Qualifications:


  • 5+ years of experience practicing Education and/or Employment law. Applicable sections of State and Federal laws, rules, and regulations including, but not limited to, State California Education Code, California Government Code, and California Code of Regulations Title 5 and Title 8.
  • Diversity and EEO compliance, laws, rules, and regulations dealing with recruitment and employment of minorities and protected classes.
  • Investigation of complaints of harassment, discrimination, and employee disciplinary procedures.
  • Contract, tort, and environmental laws.
  • Court procedure rules.
  • District’s Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  • District organization, operations, policies, and objectives.
  • Diverse socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Diversity and EEO programs and best practices.
  • Modern office practices, procedures, and equipment, including computer hardware and software.
  • Oral and written communications skills.
  • Principles and practices of administration, supervision, and training.
  • Record-keeping techniques.
  • Technical aspects of field of specialty.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Analyze, interpret, and explain laws, rules, regulations, and contracts.
  • Communicate effective both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.
  • Implement and enforce a comprehensive Diversity and EEO Compliance plan.
  • Inform, assist, lead, counsel, and advise employees, applicants, and students regarding employment discrimination.
  • Maintain records and prepare reports.
  • Meet schedules and time lines.
  • Monitor employment activities and ensure compliance with legal mandates.
  • Operate computers and business-related software, including word processing, spreadsheets, and databases.
  • Train, supervise, and evaluate the performance of personnel.
  • Prepare clear and comprehensive reports.
  • Work independently with little direction.

Training and Experience:

  • Any combination of training and experience equivalent to: a Juris Doctorate degree, a current license to practice law in California, and experience in applying the law to matters concerning claims or litigation against the employer, the development and administration of programs associated with Equal Opportunity and Diversity, and investigating EEO complaints and in furthering diversity in an organization.

Conditions of Employment:


  • Employed on an initial two (2) year contract that is renewed annually for a subsequent two years;
  • Possess a current license to practice law in California;
  • Possess a valid California driver’s license;
  • Submit “official” transcripts as stated on application (From all institutions listed in the online application);
  • Pass a pre-employment physical exam at the District’s expense;
  • Provide a Tuberculosis Clearance Certificate for initial appointment (Note: The certificate must be renewed every 4 years as a condition of continuing employment);
  • Have fingerprints taken by a Live Scan computer at the candidate’s expense (Clearance must be received prior to first day of employment);
  • Present original documents for proof of eligibility to work in the United States as required by the I9 Employment Eligibility Verification form; AND
  • Attend a new hire processing appointment in Human Resources located at the District Administrative Offices.


If you accept a contract (permanent) position with SDCCD and are a retired annuitant with CalPERS or CalSTRS, you must reinstate from your retirement system. Please reference the CalPERS or CalSTRS website for further information.

For complete description, minimum requirements and application procedures, visit our website at: