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Membership & Member Services Assistant


Email jobs@nacua.org with a resume and cover letter

Perform services related to membership, member services, and general administration

Reports to: Director of Membership and Marketing

Works with Director of Membership and Marketing in the following areas:

Membership Administration

  • Perform routine updates on all membership forms
  • Prepare weekly & monthly membership reports
  • Handle and respond to inquiries from members and non-members
  • Conduct new member outreach via routine welcome messages
  • Prepare lists for members and staff as requested

Membership Data & Records

  • Maintain database integrity by performing regular checks and validation
  • Maintain all membership records in a timely and accurate manner, including adding and deleting member representatives to and from membership in the Association’s membership database, in accordance with membership policies and procedures
  • Organize and update members records on a regular basis
  • Maintain records of contact persons and addresses for all membership categories

Membership Dues Billing

  • Assist with processing annual and interim membership dues billing—e.g., calculating dues amounts, generating initial and follow-up dues invoices of all membership categories, reviewing dues invoices to check for accuracy, preparing dues update reports, and preparing address change sheets and any enclosures
  • Collect and issue follow-up reminders to collect affirmation statements from all members annually
  • Issue monthly membership dues reports to the Director of Membership and Marketing and Director of Finance and Operations
  • Process dues payments and maintain payment records

Member Services

  • Provide support with Committee activities
  • Provide support with Affinity Group activities
  • Maintain membership collateral inventory and order supplies as needed
  • Provide support with data collection, entry, and review for member and presenter information related to in-person and virtual programming
  • Prepare and send logistics communications for all online programs (online courses, webinars, and briefings)
  • Perform monthly reviews of learning management system content and ensure prices are set according to the governance schedule
  • Provide secondary support to prepare materials, slide decks, and session packets for in-person programs as requested
  • Provide support with other data entry as requested


  • Assist with sponsorship campaigns, including responding to inquiries and maintain contact lists of current and potential sponsors
  • Assist with sponsor logistics, including invoicing, event preparation, payment processing, and sponsor relations

Office Administration
Works with relevant staff in the following areas:

  • Provide primary back-up phone coverage for the Office Assistant on an as needed basis
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Excellent telephone and written communication skills for direct contact with association leaders, members, and staff
  • Familiarity with office computer systems, especially word processing software, databases, and spreadsheets
  • Exceptional proofreading skills
  • Organizational skills for multiple tasks
  • Ability to carry out tasks/assignments with minimal supervision
  • Meticulous attention to record-keeping and generation of data and reports • Ability to follow-up on tasks independently