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Membership Categories

Institutional Membership

Dues: Based on 2015 U.S. Department of Education Data

  • Accredited, non-profit, degree-granting institutions represented by licensed attorney(s) in the United States and internationally.
  • Primary representative for the institution receives all NACUA membership benefits.
  • Additional attorney representative(s) (from two to eleven, determined by enrollment category on the dues matrix) are also entitled to all member services and receive most membership mailings.
  • For any representatives beyond the allotted number, an additional fee of $225 is assessed per individual.
  • International institutions dues are $795.

Associate Institutional Membership

Dues: $1,535

Eligible Organizations

  • Nonprofit Higher Education Associations are defined as those that have formal institutional memberships and whose members pay dues to those associations. These organizations will be considered eligible provided they are represented by counsel who meet the criteria and requirements stated on the application.
  • Regional or State Coordinating Boards or Systems, whose institutional members are non-profit, accredited degree-granting institutions of higher education that are existing members of NACUA.
  • Museums, Libraries, University Foundations, and University Research Institutes that have a formal relationship or agreement with a Regular Member Institution (e.g., joint degree program), and that receive endorsement from that Member Institution’s primary representative.
  • Athletic Conferences provided that the primary representatives of conference institutions are consulted about the application to ensure that the conference’s associate institutional membership is consistent with NACUA’s mission and principal requirements of “commonality of interest”.
    • Note: The applicant must submit at least two endorsements from current NACUA Member Institutions who are part of the Athletic Conference before the application will be considered.
  • Please Note: This category is not open to law firms or proprietary corporations.
  • Each Associate Institutional Member must designate a primary representative and may designate one additional attorney representative.
  • Additional representative fee of $700 is assessed per individual.
  • The designated primary representative for the institution receives all NACUA membership benefits. Other representatives are entitled to all membership services and receive most membership mailings.

Associate Individual Membership

Dues: $875
  • Judged by the NACUA Board of Directors to have a "commonality of interests" with the member institutions of the Association.
  • Individual representatives must be licensed attorneys in good standing; however, the representatives may not be attorneys who regularly handle, or are regularly engaged to handle (either as in-house or outside counsel), the legal affairs of an accredited non-profit institution of higher education that is eligible to be an institutional member of the Association.
  • Open to attorneys who represent a member institution on a more limited basis or who are otherwise employed by a member institution.

Emeritus Membership

Dues: $185

This category of membership is open to individuals who are:

  • Fully retired from the practice of law
  • Are not otherwise eligible to be either a representative of a regular institution or an associate institution, or to be an associate individual member
  • Individuals must have been a member of NACUA in good standing for a minimum of ten years prior to eligibility for this category
  • Individuals will not be required to maintain active licensure in any state
  • Individuals are not eligible for this membership category if they are, or will be, engaged on either a limited or regular basis in legal matters on behalf of colleges and universities

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