Campus Law Enforcement: Responding to a Changing Environment

Program Schedule

12:00 P.M. ET

  • Welcome, Introduction of Speakers, & Agenda

  • A Brief Overview of Current Campus Policing

  • Implementing and Living with Campus Carry Laws
    1. The State of Campus Carry Laws
    2. The Effects of Campus Carry Laws on College and University Communities

  • Question & Answer Break

  • Arming Campus Police
    1. Armed or Unarmed Campus Law Enforcement
    2. Active Shooter Implications‚Äč

  • Question & Answer Break

  • Partnering with the Community
    1. Community Policing on Campus
    2. Building Relationships with Local Law Enforcement and the Community

  • Question & Answer Break

2:00 P.M. ET

    IX. Final Takeaways & Concluding Remarks