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CEO’s Corner


June 2017

Dear Colleagues:

I am delighted to report that we again have record-breaking attendance at this year's Annual Conference in Chicago later this month, with more than 1,600 attendees, representing approximately one-third of our membership! I look forward to seeing so many of you there!

As we approach the end of our year, I want to highlight our remaining strategic priorities (see prior editions of NACUANEWS for the first four) with Strategic Priorities V through VII. I want to be certain that our members are well acquainted with the key strategic initiatives of the Association and a few highlights under each.

Strategic Priority V:

Continue to Enhance Electronic Delivery of NACUA Programming, Legal Resources, Information and Other Services to and Among Members, Using State-of-the-Art Technologies.

  • We want to ensure that the newly redesigned NACUA website is a comprehensive and user-friendly mechanism for the delivery of information and legal resources to NACUA members and monitor member feedback.
  • We also want to ensure that NACUANOTES continue to focus on issues that are responsive to the needs of members and identify a broadly diverse group of authors and topics.
  • We continue to offer updates on the latest cases in higher education law as well as statutory, regulatory, and other legal developments in higher education of interest to members on a regular, ongoing basis. 
  • We continue to use NACUANEWS to deliver information about NACUA programming, legal resources, and other Association matters.

Strategic Priority VI:

Continue to Enhance Outreach to a Broad Spectrum of Potential College and University Members, to Further Increase the Diversity of NACUA Member Institutions, and Continue to Enhance Retention Efforts for New and Existing Members.

  • We continue our outreach to and recruitment efforts for potential eligible institutions, especially underrepresented institutions such as small colleges, community colleges, religious institutions, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Serving Institutions.
  • We devote attention to our new members and lawyers new to higher education, with an increased focus on providing more customized and personalized contacts between new and veteran members. Coming soon is a new section of our website, called MemberConnect, that describes the various ways that NACUA fosters networking between and among members, including especially our NACUAMentors Program.
  • We continue to obtain demographic data about all members, both personal and institutional, and assess the current and changing demographics of the membership and consider how this information might impact NACUA's membership services.

Strategic Priority VII:

Continue to Expand Outreach to External Audiences for the Benefit of NACUA and its Member Institutions and Enhance NACUA's Reputation Among Institutions and Associations as the Leading Organization on Issues Related to Higher Education Law. Serve as a Resource to Governmental Entities, as Appropriate, on Issues of Interest and Concern to NACUA Members.

  • We recruit NACUA members for "drop-in" legal panels for meetings of other associations.

We have made concerted efforts this year with our outreach to and engagement with selected governmental entities to offer NACUA member experts as resources on legal issues of key concern to members. The outreach has included the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. We hope you have had a successful year thus far. Again, I look forward to seeing you in sunny Chicago later this month.


Kathleen Curry Santora
President & Chief Executive Officer