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CEO’s Corner


February 2017

Dear Colleagues:

As I continue to describe NACUA’s strategic priorities as a part of an ongoing series in NACUANEWS, I hope these columns will introduce our newer members to the details behind the Association’s strategic planning activities as well as help our veteran members to become more familiar with this important work. You can read about the highlights of the first two strategic priorities here and here in previous NACUANEWS editions. NACUA’s third strategic priority is below:

Continue to think strategically and creatively about NACUA’s resources, both financial and human, that will allow NACUA to achieve its mission and to be at the forefront of identifying and developing new initiatives and providing enhanced or additional services for the membership.  Conduct internal reviews of major areas and programs of the association on a regular basis in order to achieve this priority and to streamline activities and operations accordingly.

NACUA staff develop a subset of goals under each of these priorities that helps the Association track specific activities in order to ensure that the work is being achieved. Please continue reading below to learn more about these actions to see what kind of new developments are underway!

  1. Continue to focus on delivery of Legal Resources, including NACUANOTES, webinars, and online resources.

    We’ve been continuing to publish NACUANOTES in collaboration with outstanding authors – five NOTES have been published so far in the fiscal year with a good number more in the pipeline. In addition, we’re continuing to host monthly webinars (including three in December!) on topics of interest to members ranging from post-election legal updates to campus law enforcement. Finally, there are currently two on-going online courses available, the Title IX Coordinator Training and Immigration Basics for Colleges and Universities, with two more in the development stages.

  2. Continue development of a NACUA “Benchmarking Bank” for collection of information and data metrics from members.

    NACUA’s latest Benchmarking Survey on Salaries was conducted in the Spring of 2016. The report is now available for purchase and contains aggregated salary data for college and university attorneys. In addition, the Benchmarking Survey on Legal Spending was conducted this past year. This is the first survey of its kind for NACUA and compiled data on legal expenditures and other related benchmarks for colleges and universities.

  3. Continue NACUA sponsorship efforts for all live meetings.

    NACUA continues to welcome sponsors for educational programs, which includes CLE Workshops and the Annual Conference. The annual sponsorship campaign has received over $200,000 in commitments – these funds continue to enable the Association to provide high quality programming, education, and networking opportunities to members at these events.

  4. Continue use of NACUA’s Board-Designated Strategic Initiatives Fund and Capital Improvements and Technology Expenditures Fund to provide funding for various strategic initiatives of the Association and to invest in enhanced technological improvements and staff training to support and enhance NACUA’s programs and services

    There have been a variety of advancements the Association has invested in to support its programs and services – some of these improvements include the following. We’ve developed and made available a series of presentation-skills videos for members to utilize when preparing to speak at a NACUA educational program. (Check it out here!) And as some of you know, we have transitioned to a new online Learning Management System, which houses all of our virtual programming in addition to materials and recordings from workshop and annual conference sessions.

  5. Ensure regular review of all major activities, programs and areas of the Association to streamline activities and operations accordingly, and ensure that ongoing activities and programs are sustainable over time with current staffing levels and member volunteer involvement.

    NACUA periodically conducts surveys of the membership on different topics or issues. Following the new technology initiatives that were introduced over the last year, we issued a Member Technology Survey in December 2016 to get a sense of members’ reactions to the various changes. We appreciate all the responses and comments we received – we will be using the survey results to consider additional enhancements.

  6. Using new data analytics, conduct assessments of various programs and services, as well as analyze membership, governance, business and other association trends on an ongoing basis.

As always, we are continuing to track data across all departments. A recent development includes the launch of a webpage dedicated to the Association’s Diversity and Inclusivity efforts. The webpage includes a Member Demographics page that displays member data based on different characteristics.

Please feel free to reach out to me with your questions or comments. Thanks to our many generous volunteers who make so many of the activities happen!


Kathleen Curry Santora
President & Chief Executive Officer