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CEO’s Corner


January 2017

I began an overview of our seven strategic priorities in a prior NACUANEWS. I will now highlight strategic priority II: Continue to Provide a Range of Options for Professional and Personal Development Opportunities for NACUA Member Representatives and Continue to Facilitate Networking and Information Sharing.

We are committed to assisting members with professional and personal development as well as networking both at live events and electronically. That commitment manifests itself in a variety of ways that are described below:

  1. Continue and expand upon a wide range of programming for delivery of professional education and networking opportunities for members from a range of backgrounds and levels of experience.  We implement this goal by providing the following programming:
    • Annual Conference
    • CLE Workshops
    • General Counsel Institutes
    • Webinars
    • Online Courses
  2. Provide programs and services for General Counsel, including discussions about the evolving role of the General Counsel and the need to be conversant with the business aspects of higher education. We implement this goal by providing the following:
    • General Counsel Institutes
    • General Counsel Surveys Every Two Years to Identify Key Issues and Trends
    • Roundtables for New General Counsel
    • Roundtables for Experienced General Counsel
    • General Counsel Track at Annual Conferences
    • Web Resources Page for General Counsel
    • Ethics Sessions Targeted Toward General Counsel as the Position Evolves
    • Discussions Regarding the Evolving Role of General Counsel, Including the Business of Higher Education
    • NACUALINK Group for Chief Legal Officers
  3. Provide members with enhanced resources on law office management and make them more accessible. We implement this goal by providing the following:
    • Annual Conference Sessions on Law Office Management and Technology
    • General Counsel Institutes
    • General Counsel Resource Page
    • Benchmarking Surveys
    • CLE Sessions on Law Office Management
  4. Continue to foster personal relationships among member representatives through live and electronic means. We implement this goal by providing the following:
    • Affinity Groups
    • CLE Workshops and Annual Conferences (and smaller group activities during these meetings, such as discussion groups, small group dinners, other special events, Special Interest Groups, and affinity group events)
    • New Member Welcome Meetings at Annual Conferences, CLE Workshops and General Counsel Institutes
    • Committee Calls/Emails to New Members as Part of their Orientation to NACUA
    • NACUAMentors Program
    • Member Areas of Practice Listed in Online Membership Directory Use of Short-Term Advisory Groups for Single-Purpose Tasks or Projects
  5. Continue to develop mechanisms and programming for member professional and personal development. We implement this goal by providing the following:
    • Professional Development Tracks and Computer/Technology Sessions at Annual Conferences
    • Salary & Benefits Surveys
    • NACUA Career Center
    • General Counsel Institutes
    • Sessions on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills during the Annual Conference
    • Online Video Demonstrations for Members to Enhance their Presentation/Speaking Skills
    • NACUAMentors Program
    • Opportunities to Serve as Authors and/or Reviewers of NACUANOTES
    • Opportunities to Serve as Authors and/or Reviewers of Articles for The Journal of College and University Law
  6. Invite members to submit updated training materials in a manner that best meets their needs to educate higher education clients. Identify the highest priorities for members and their clients. We implement this goal by providing the following:
    • Training Materials
    • Webinars
    • Online Courses
    • Archives of Webinars

As always, I welcome comments and suggestions.


Kathleen Curry Santora
President & Chief Executive Officer