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CEO’s Corner


December 2016

Campuses are swirling more than the norm lately as they address reactions to the recent elections, anticipate resulting potential changes and navigate this uncertainty. NACUA members play a critical role in sharing factual information and analysis about many of these issues; helping to calm the waters when campus unrest occurs; and facilitating conversations and discussions to assist members of the college or university community. 

The NACUA Board of Directors had a conversation at its meeting in mid-November regarding how NACUA can best help its members to fulfill these responsibilities successfully. In addition to providing resources as they become available, we have organized a December 8 webinar on post-election issues with nine outstanding speakers on topics that include:

  • U.S. Presidential and Congressional transition - the process and timeline for political appointments and policy implementation;
  • Campus climate and unrest issues;
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the legal implications of proposed “sanctuary” campuses;
  • Addressing sex-based discrimination and sexual misconduct; and
  • Other key legal issues that impact higher education (National Labor Relations Board (NLRB); Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); Research Regulations; Web Accessibility; Endowments)

To register, click here. We will also continue to provide resources as we learn more and identify materials that could be helpful. We welcome your ideas and feedback.


Kathleen Curry Santora
President & Chief Executive Officer