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NACUANEWS Volume 101

CEO’s Corner


October 2017

What a campus whirlwind it has been for all of you! With the multitude of issues and challenges you face every day, I hope NACUA resources, meetings and events provide valuable information and networking to aid you in your daily practice. I am especially excited about the newest service we have begun recently – NACUA Briefings.

We have delivered Briefings over the last couple of months on Title IX, campus protests and immigration, certainly three of the most pressing and important issues on campus these days. I am incredibly grateful to the members who have been willing to share their time and expertise to deliver content for those Briefings, with a minimal amount of time to prepare.  I am also so proud of the NACUA staff members who have rallied to bring you these Briefings so quickly – believe me, it takes a village to organize them.  And you, our members, have responded so positively. The turnout for each has been:

August 17, 2017:  Part I:  Preparing for a Protest on Campus:  650 participants

August 23, 2017:  Part 2:  Responding to Protests on Campus:  424 participants

September 6, 2017:  The Phase-out of DACA:  626 participants

September 26, 2017:  Developments in Title IX – Part I:  972 participants

September 28, 2017:  Developments in Title IX – Part 2:  805 participants

We also know that you have invited colleagues to join you for the Briefings so those numbers are even higher. We will continue to provide Briefings on late-breaking issues and always welcome your feedback and comments. Thanks for being such terrific members who are doing such great work for higher education.