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Annual Process for Nominations

Nov 17, 2017

Annual Process for Nominations for Election to Service on the Board of Directors

National Association of College and University Attorneys 

  • The annual call for nominations is sent to the full membership in November from NACUA on behalf of the Chair of the Committee on Nominations and Elections. A reminder is sent in mid-December and again in early January, with a deadline of mid-January.
  • The Annual call includes stated criteria for NACUA board service, along with statements of responsibilities for the NACUA Board of Directors and individual Board members (adopted by the Board of Directors in November 2000) and Officer positions that are open for nomination in that year are also included.
  • Representation on the Board of Directors consists of representatives from institutional members of NACUA (and does not include Associate Institutional Members, Associate Individual Members, Emeritus Members, Life Members, or Honorary Members). Typically, members serve only once on the Board of Directors as an at-large member. However, officers (consisting of Secretary, Treasurer, Chair-Elect, and Chair) have typically served on the Board in the past as an at-large member.
  • In addition to the general call to the membership, additional calls for nomination are sent to the current Board of Directors and members of the Committee on Nominations and Elections, as well as recent past Board members.
  • Once a member is nominated by a colleague, a letter of acknowledgment goes to the nominee, including additional information regarding expectations and requirements of Board service, the stated criteria, and a nominee form that solicits information regarding quality and length of NACUA leadership; nature and extent of NACUA program and services participation and contributions; commitment and ability to work effectively as a member of the Board; and additional relevant nonprofit organization board membership experience. The nominee is also requested to inform NACUA of his/her willingness and ability to stand for election, if nominated, and to update their NACUA service profile as necessary and return it along with the standardized nominee form to the National Office for the Committee’s consideration. The stated criteria for Board service may be found here.
  • If a nominee is not otherwise the primary representative of his/her institution, a letter is also sent to the primary representative seeking the endorsement of the nominee to serve on the Board of Directors, if elected.
  • Once the deadline for nominations has passed, all nominee service profiles are updated and completed, and rosters of information regarding all nominations and accompanying materials are sent to the Committee on Nominations and Elections for its consideration.
  • The Committee on Nominations and Elections meets in the spring of each year (typically in conjunction with the CLE Workshop and other committee and Board meetings) to review all nominations received. As part of its deliberations, the Committee reviews the demographic characteristics of the current Board of Directors to seek a qualified Board of Directors that is broadly representative of the membership and its representatives to the extent possible. 
  • At the spring meeting, the Committee determines a slate of nominations for members at-large, and for officers (as needed). Alternates are selected for an at-large seat on the Board in the event one or more of the nominees is unable to stand for election.
  • Once the slate of nominations has been determined, all successful nominees are notified of their status and are requested to confirm their ability to serve on the Board of Directors and to fulfill the obligations as described in the statements of responsibilities. All unsuccessful nominees are also notified, with encouragement to consider additional NACUA volunteer service.
  • The opportunity for additional nominations outside of the Committee process will occur before the Annual Meeting. The final vote by the membership is conducted electronically. The results of the election will be announced prior to the Annual Meeting of the Association.