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Annual Call for Volunteers

Apr 5, 2018

Dear NACUA Colleagues:

NACUA volunteers are a highly valued and indispensable means of achieving our mission of advancing the effective practice of our members. NACUA committees are composed of members who reflect the breadth and depth of the Association. As your Chair-Elect, I invite you to volunteer to serve on a NACUA committee.

To volunteer, complete the form to indicate the committee or committees on which you would most like to serve; be sure to complete the form no later than Thursday April 19, 2018. We ask all volunteers to complete the block at the end of the form about your professional or volunteer expertise and experience as it relates to your committee(s) of interest as it is helpful to have this information as we place volunteers on committees. We would especially appreciate your additional background information in the areas of nonprofit finance and audit matters for those who wish to serve on NACUA's Committee on Finance and Audit.

NACUA values its tradition of appointing everyone who volunteers to a committee. We will do our best to accommodate your specific request, but sometimes we are not able to appoint everyone to their committee of choice.

In the accompanying message below, President & CEO Kathleen Santora describes opportunities and obligations for service on NACUA committees and lists the staff liaison for each committee.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Leanne Shank
NACUA Chair-Elect, FY 2017-18

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April 5, 2018

Dear Colleagues:

Below is a list with a brief description of NACUA committees and editorial boards for which members may volunteer. Clicking on the name of the committee or editorial board will allow you to view a Web link for further information. Virtually all committees work electronically via conference call and email as needed. 


Standing committees are permanent committees that formally report to the Board, with significant Board involvement in deliberations. The Board deliberates and acts on recommendations of these committees and ensures that actions taken correspond to strategic priorities. The Committee makeup generally includes Board members, but may include other Association members. Standing Committee appointments are for one year, a portion of which are renewable for a second year.

The Committee is responsible for general oversight of all financial activities of the Association, including monitoring and making recommendations to the Board for approval of dues and other revenue-producing activities; recommendation to the Board for approval of an annual operating budget; ongoing oversight of the approved budget during the year, based on reports issued by management; monitoring of the Association's Investment, Spending, and Reserve Policies through its Subcommittee on Investments; and oversight of the Association's annual financial audit, annual review of executive compensation, and other financial compliance matters through its Subcommittee on Audit. The Committee works closely with Officers and management of the Association to monitor the above activities as well as the Association's strategic planning activities and initiatives from a long-range financial planning context, in particular its programmatic needs and objectives.
Staff Liaison: Paul L. Parsons, Deputy CEO.

This Committee is responsible for reviewing current membership policies and procedures, reviewing and proposing changes to enhance member services, orienting new members to NACUA, and assisting NACUA's staff in the recruitment of non-member institutions.
Staff Liaison: Kandace M. Gilligan, Manager of Membership and Marketing.

The Committee is responsible for monitoring the progress of the Association's Strategic Plan to ensure that the Board and staff are: reviewing the Plan regularly, according to the prescribed process for annual review of the Plan, and are making revisions as appropriate; reviewing the current priorities and activities as part of the Plan; ensuring that financial and staffing resources are sufficient to address and implement those priorities; and considering long-range planning for the future.
Staff Liaison: Paul L. Parsons, Deputy CEO.


The list of Association committees is reflective of membership programs and services that can change from time to time depending on strategic priorities. Committee makeup of both Association Committees and Editorial Boards includes a significant number of member volunteers and includes one or two Board members who ensure coordination with the Board of Directors.  Reports of committees are usually informational for the Board and are included on the NACUA Web site for all members to view. Committee appointments are for one year, a portion of which are renewable for a second year.  

This Committee is responsible for the overall content and quality of the Annual Conference of the Association. Members of this Committee assist in planning the Annual Conference, including review of the overall program and participation on working groups. Each member is assigned to develop one or two conference sessions, which requires the member to select speakers, plan session content and format, and communicate regularly with session speakers, the Committee chair, and with NACUA staff. Committee members are strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Conference.
Staff Liaison: Craig Alexander, Director of Legal Resources and Francisco Pardo, Assistant Director of Legal Resources. 

The Committee is responsible for recommending the occasional granting of honors and awards on the Association's behalf, including Distinguished Service, Life Membership, Fellow, First Decade Award, and Honorary Membership.
Staff Liaison: Kandace M. Gilligan, Manager of Membership and Marketing.

The Committee is responsible for recommending possible topics for NACUA CLE Workshops and working with staff to plan, select speakers for, and otherwise implement each CLE Workshop, including those workshops that are cosponsored by client associations.  When planning programming, the Committee considers the needs of the membership, the most promising subject areas, and the potential market for the Association.  In selecting speakers, the Committee seeks to identify speakers with expertise in the topic and whose practices and experiences represent the diversity of NACUA members. Members of the Webinar Subcommittee provide input into the development of webinar topics.
Staff Liaison: Francisco Pardo, Assistant Director of Legal Resources.

The Committee will be familiar with the legal resources available to members on the NACUA website and, in consultation with staff, will consider possible enhancements to those resources and possible new web-based legal resources that would be beneficial for NACUA members. Each member is assigned responsibility for reviewing up to 3-5 legal resource pages on NACUA's website, which consists of periodically providing suggestions to NACUA staff regarding new resources that should be added and outdated materials that should be removed from each page. 
Staff Liaison: Kristen Meeks, Assistant Director of Legal Resources. 

The Advisory Board will work with the faculty editors of the Journal at Rutgers Law School to suggest possible topics and authors of Journal articles, and to provide input about additional content on the Journal's new website.  The Advisory Board may review articles and serve as peer reviewers as needed and will also serve as a sounding board for the Journal's smaller Editorial Board of scholars appointed by the Rutgers editors in consultation with NACUA.  
Staff Liaisons: Craig Alexander, Director of Legal Resources.

The Editorial Board is responsible for assisting staff in the continued implementation of the NACUANOTES service.  Specifically, the Board assists in proposing topics, identifying and enlisting authors (or authoring NACUANOTES themselves), and reviewing and approving draft Notes submitted by authors. 
Staff Liaison: Holly Peterson, Assistant Director of Legal Resources.

NACUA's programs and services reflect its outstanding member volunteers and I hope you will participate actively in our work. See the committee appointment process for more information.  Thank you for your consideration. 


Kathleen Curry Santora
President & CEO