FN1.   One authority states that 112 athletes were charged with sexual assault or domestic violence in 1995 and 1996, and that most of their accusers were female college students.  Brian L. Porto, A New Season:  Using Title IX to Reform College Sports.  Praeger Publishers, 2003 at 124-5.  For more recent accounts of alleged sexual assaults by college athletes, see,, Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry, “Convicted of Assault and Accused of Rape, Star Player Received a Raft of Second Chances,” Seattle Times, January 31, 2008, available at (last visited 10/31/08) (football player at the University of Washington with prior criminal record for assault convicted of raping fellow student).   See also “DeAnza College Suspends 8 Athletes in Sexual Assault Case,”, available at (last visited 3/18/08) (baseball team members accused of attempted sexual assault of high school girl).  For additional examples of alleged sexual misconduct by college athletes, see Jenni E. Spies, Comment:  “Winning at All Costs:  An Analysis of a University’s Potential Liability for Sexual Assaults Committed by its Student Athletes,”  16 Marq. Sports L. Rev. 429 (2006) and Kimberly M. Trebon, Note and Comment:  “There is no ‘I’ in Team:  The Commission of Group Sexual Assault by Collegiate and Professional Athletes,”  4 DePaul J. Sports L. Contemp. Probs. 65 (2007).