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Find a NACUAMentor Today!


The NACUAMentors program has officially launched with the 2013 Call to Find a NACUAMentor! Dynamically generated through NACUALINK, search close to 200 NACUAMentors based on individual and/or institutional characteristics to find your preferred match.


What types of mentors are available?

NACUAMentors is a one-on-one professional development program that connects member attorneys to two types of mentors:


  • General Professional Development Mentor: A member who will provide guidance on various professional development and work related issues and skills


  • Speaker Professional Development Mentor: A member who will provide advice and guidance on how to become a NACUA speaker and/or improve speaking skills


How does the program work?

NACUAMentors promotes and facilitates the individual exchange of information, knowledge and advice between members on various topics of interest. The NACUAMentors program provides member attorneys with a convenient, centralized networking opportunity on a personalized and private basis.  


The NACUAMentors program does not have a standardized program format as it allows for you to organically develop your mentor/mentee relationship in a manner that is mutually beneficial for both you and your mentor. The NACUAMentors program will start on the day that you decide and while it is set to end in June at the Annual Conference. Your mentorship may require a shorter time frame which you can determine at the time of enrollment.


Getting started:


  1. Log into NACUALINK (Click on the Mentoring tab)
  2. Enroll in the NACUAMentors Program
    • Once logged into NACUALINK, click on gEnroll as a Menteeh.
    • Enter the date range that you are requesting a mentor in the "Edit Mentee Status" field and then click the "Save" button.
    • To increase the chance of a successful match, be sure to complete your member profile so that your potential mentor can learn about you.
    • Be sure to upload a photo, provide your job history, update your bio, and complete all necessary demographical information (ex. gender, ethnicity).


  1. Select a Mentor
    Selecting a mentor is easy: once your mentee profile is complete, you will be able to search for mentors based on geographic location, industry and practice area. After you have selected a mentor (by clicking the gClick here to contacth button, located directly under the mentorfs profile photo box), you will be able to send an email request before your mentor relationship is confirmed. Once you mentor relationship has been confirmed, your mentor will be in touch with you.

Please note: Your mentor relationships will remain confidential and private unless you give NACUA the permission to highlight your successful mentorship.


  • Limited to one mentor - mentee relationship per year.
  • Mentor commits through February 28.
    However, connections can be made anytime during the year but still ending in late February, and are renewable if both parties agree.
  • Mentors, Mentees, or pairs are not automatically renewed each year. Mentors and Mentees will need to respond to the calls each year to rejoin the program.

Learn more about NACUAMentors:

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Find a Mentor Today!


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