Call for Nominations: Honors and Awards
Deadline: February 22, 2013


Dear Colleagues:


The NACUA Committee on Honors and Awards recommends to the Board of Directors the names of individuals to be honored by our Association. The purpose of this email is to solicit suggestions of individuals you believe the Committee should consider in making its 2012 – 2013 recommendations for awards to be conferred at the 2013 Annual Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Committee on Honors and Awards does not receive the names of individuals who make nominations. To ensure this confidentiality, please do not submit nominations on letterhead. If necessary, attach any additional information you feel might be helpful for the Committee on a separate unmarked sheet of paper.

  • Click here to view a colleague’s NACUA history.
  • Click here to view the 2011-2012 Award Recipients  

Eligibility: Any current NACUA member, excluding current Board members and current NACUA employees. Click here to view list of current Board members.

You may nominate colleagues for the following categories:


  • Distinguished Service Award
    This award recognizes individuals who have given extraordinary service both to NACUA and to institutions of higher learning over an extended time in both legal and other capacities.
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  • Fellow of the Association
    This honor recognizes extensive scholarship in higher education law over an extended period of time for the benefit of colleges and universities.
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  • First Decade Award
    This award recognizes a member representative who has made a significantly innovative contribution to NACUA or provided outstanding service to the Association and to the practice of higher education law, and who has been a member of NACUA for ten or fewer years.
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  • Honorary Membership
    This membership category is conferred upon persons who have made substantial contributions through the Association to the understanding of legal issues affecting colleges and universities, whether or not the persons so honored are members of the bar. Recipients of this distinction have made uniquely valuable contributions to the continuing life and development of the Association.
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  • Life Membership
    This membership category is granted upon an individual's retirement from the regular practice of higher education law (or similar end of regular representative status), in recognition of outstanding service and substantial contributions to the Association.
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As you reflect on persons meriting special recognition, you might find it valuable to review the listing of past recipients of these awards. 


The Committee welcomes your nominations for any of the honors and awards categories.  Please submit your nominations before Friday, February 22, 2013


The nomination form includes a section where you may share comments on why you are recommending a NACUA colleague for an award.  These comments will be shared, without attribution to the nominator(s), with the Committee on Honors and Awards as part of their deliberations. 


Thank you in advance for your assistance and thoughtful recommendations.


Sincerely yours,


Marianne Schimelfenig

Chair, Committee on Honors and Awards

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Saint Joseph's University


Steve McDonald

Vice Chair, Committee on Honors and Awards

General Counsel

Rhode Island School of Design