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National Association of College and University Attorneys

Position Description

Title: Director of Legal Resources

Basic Function: Provide strategic initiative, leadership and oversight of NACUA legal resources.
Direct, coordinate and supervise the Association’s legal resources and programming to ensure provision of current and relevant resources and programming to the membership and the general higher education community.  Organize and implement selected programming.

Reports To:  President & Chief Executive Officer


  • Provide overall strategic initiative, leadership, direction and daily oversight with respect to all NACUA legal resources, programming and related services, including the legal reference service; NACUANET; legal resources on the NACUA web page; NACUANOTES; live, virtual, on-line and other forms of programming; and all other forms of higher education legal information and programming that the Association produces.

  • Engage in constant monitoring of emerging trends and best practices in the delivery of legal resources, programming and related services, with focused attention on electronic delivery and use of the most advanced technology in delivering services and programs..

  • Provide leadership as a NACUA Director in modeling strong communication, responsiveness and engagement with all staff on regular basis. Ensure Legal Resources staff is integrated with and communicates with all NACUA staff.

  • Provide leadership as a NACUA Director in modeling strong communication, responsiveness and engagement with all staff on regular basis. Ensure Legal Resources staff is integrated with and communicates with all NACUA staff.

  • Supervise Legal Resources attorneys and other staff, ensuring appropriate division and delegation of responsibilities; initiate and maintain outreach to as well as close and regular communication with and among NACUA members and Legal Resources staff members.

  • Lead and coordinate legal resources, programming and related legal services and initiatives, including response to major trends or developments and identification of any needed or targeted resources, programming or services, as identified by emerging trends and/or member needs.

  • Monitor and explore new methods of delivering legal information and programming, and evaluate potential incorporation into NACUA delivery of services, as informed by members.

  • Regularly monitor sources of legal information, including federal legislation and regulation, and stay abreast of current higher education issues and concerns to ensure information on new developments is regularly delivered to members and informs NACUA programming and legal resources.

  • Facilitate member networking to share legal information and expertise via NACUANET, NACUALINK, member conference calls and other appropriate means.

  • Encourage and assist in NACUA outreach to other higher education associations and to government agencies.

  • Identify, develop and implement resources and programming directed specifically toward institutional General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers; organize, plan and implement programming for General Counsel.

  • Coordinate the strategic direction, planning and content of the Annual Conference, CLE workshops, virtual seminars, and on-line courses including assignment of lead responsibility for individual programs to Legal Resources staff members. Take responsibility for planning and implementing selected programs.

  • Ensure legal resources on the NACUA web page are responsive to member needs, logically organized and accessible by members; and that members are regularly informed of available legal resources and how to access them.


Assistant Director of Legal Resources (for programming); Assistant Director of Legal Resources (for information); Assistant Director of Legal Resources (for online resources); and Program Communications Specialist

Staff Liaison to:  

Committee on Annual Program; Advisory Group on NACUA Compliance Initiatives; Advisory Group on Benchmarking; and other committees, task forces and advisory groups as needed.


  • Law degree from an accredited institution
  • Current member in good standing of the bar in one or more states
  • Five to ten years of progressively responsible legal experience, preferably in higher education
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Acute attention to detail
  • Strong understanding and awareness of various technologies, with experience in new technologies and tools. Interest in continuously exploring and utilizing new technologies to enhance various aspects of programming and services
  • Experience with successfully coordinating and implementing multiple complex projects and programs simultaneously, from both a strategic and operational perspective, and ability to maintain a high degree of flexibility and adaptability
  • Prior experience with higher education institution, association, or law firm
  • Prior experience working with/coordinating volunteers
  • Comprehensive knowledge of legal issues in higher education
  • Strong management and supervisory skills
  • Ability to work successfully in a collaborative team-based environment
  • Strategic, creative thinker who welcomes and encourages innovation