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November 30, 2012

Dear NACUA Colleague:

The NACUA Committee on Nominations and Elections requests and welcomes your nominations of NACUA colleagues to serve on the FY 2013-14 Board of Directors. 

This year’s Committee will be considering candidates for nomination for six at-large Board positions and the Offices of Secretary and President-Elect.

Please read the information detailing the roles and responsibilities of NACUA leaders and help us identify nominees by using the process described.  In March 2013, the Committee will meet in Nashville to review those who have been nominated from among our colleagues to serve as at-large members, Secretary, and as President-Elect on the Board of Directors.

The Committee seeks an outstanding pool of nominees.  Your nominations assist the Committee in ensuring that, among other things, the leadership of NACUA reflects a consistent commitment to service to, as well as exemplifies the rich diversity of, NACUA’s member institutions and their representatives. 

Leadership Opportunities

The statements of responsibilities applicable to the positions may be accessed through the following link:

The Secretary of the Association serves for a three-year term on the Board of Directors and serves as Chair of the Committee on Board Operations.  The position description is available at:

Historically, the position of President has alternated between a public and private institution representative.  In light of this longstanding practice, the Committee will apply this historical principle when considering nominees to serve as President-Elect in FY 2013-2014.  Under NACUA’s Bylaws, the President-Elect automatically assumes the office of President during the next fiscal year.  The position description is available at:

Board of Directors:
The FY 2013-14 Board will be comprised of the following: four officers: President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, the Past President, and 18 at-large members (6 will be selected by this year’s Committee). 

Service on NACUA’s Board offers a significant volunteer opportunity to support and serve our member institutions and their representatives by participating in NACUA’s governance process. Thus, please consider nominating qualified colleagues for at-large members who have not yet had the opportunity to participate at this level of volunteer service to our membership.

Selection Criteria
The criteria that the Committee on Nominations will use in evaluating the nominees and developing a slate of candidates are:

Leadership and Service Experience

  • Commitment and ability to work effectively and collaboratively as a member of the Board in light of professional experience and personal exemplification of NACUA core values;
  • Additional relevant nonprofit organization board membership experience;
  • Quality and length of NACUA leadership, including NACUA Committees and affinity groups (e.g., self-organized and self-governing groups of lawyers, such as WACO and Jesuit Colleges and Universities);
  • Nature and extent of NACUA program and services participation and contributions (attendance; presentations; authorship).

Membership Representation
Ability to contribute qualitatively and in a representative capacity in view of the diverse nature of NACUA member institutions (e.g., geographic location; size; public/private status) and the demographic diversity of member representatives.

Additional Information

If you are interested in reviewing the list of persons currently and previously serving on the Board, please access:

NACUA’s statements of mission and core values, as well as its current strategic priorities, may be viewed at

Deadline, Mode of Submission, and Other Information

Deadline and Mode of Submission

The NACUA Office will request a comprehensive overview and background directly from each candidate for nomination.  As part of the process, candidates are asked to indicate their willingness and ability to serve.  Therefore, while you may discuss the nomination with a candidate prior to nomination, you are not responsible for determining their willingness to serve or for providing us with background information on your nominee(s). 

Nominees frequently are nominated more than once.  As we typically receive many nominees for the 6 at-large Board member seats, qualified candidates may not be selected the first or a subsequent time they are nominated.  Therefore, NACUA encourages the nomination of all qualified individuals even if they have been nominated before, but not selected as a candidate.  If the individuals you nominate are not selected to serve it is reflective of the outstanding quality and breath of the candidate pool and the commitment of NACUA to offer as many qualified nominees as possible the opportunity to serve our membership in this capacity.

Communications & Confidentiality

The NACUA nominations process encourages wide and open participation by the membership, and the Association will provide any additional information about the process upon request.  The NACUA staff and the Committee on Nominations and Elections are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the inquiries and deliberations throughout and following the process of consideration.

Other Information
All nominees will receive a questionnaire to complete to facilitate a thorough review of their qualifications by the Committee.

The Committee on Nominations and Elections will meet in Nashville, TN in March 2013, in conjunction with the CLE Workshop. The Committee will develop a single slate of nominees.  Once all nominees confirm that they are willing and able to serve, the slate will be presented to the membership.  Primary institutional member representatives will vote on the slate of nominees at the 2013 Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

                                                *                                             *                                             *

NACUA has a long tradition of excellence in its volunteers.  One of the most significant contributions you can make is to assist the organization in ensuring that highly qualified and dedicated leadership is in place for its future. 

Please take this opportunity to nominate a deserving colleague.  If you have questions regarding this letter or related procedures, please contact me at the email address below, or Paul Parsons, NACUA Deputy CEO and the staff liaison to the Committee.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
David Williams II
Chair, Committee on Nominations & Elections

cc:           Dana Scaduto, President
                Stephen J. Hirschfeld, Vice Chair, Committee on Nominations & Elections
                Kathleen Curry Santora, Chief Executive Officer
                Paul L. Parsons, Deputy CEO and Committee Staff Liaison
                NACUA Board of Directors
                Members, Committee on Nominations & Elections