O n March 7, 2013, President Obama signed the latest reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, expanding protections for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Most notably for institutions of higher education, the bill amends the Clery Act, requiring colleges and universities to, among other things, begin including in their annual security reports incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking reported to campus security authorities or local police agencies. The amendments also add crimes based on national origin and gender identity to the categories of crimes to be reported as "hate crimes." Finally, the amendments add numerous new policies and procedures that must be included in institutional annual security reports

Topics addressed will include:

  • •  Additional categories of crimes that must be reported under the Clery Act
  • •  New definitions for "dating violence," "domestic violence," "stalking," and "sexual assault"
  • •  Changes to hate crime reporting under the Clery Act
  • •  The relationship between the amendments to the Clery Act, Title IX, and the April 4, 2011 "Dear Colleague" Letter
  • •  Required changes to institutional policies
  • •  Additional education, notice, campaign, and training requirements

Because the legislation takes effect with the annual security reports (ASR) prepared by institutions one calendar year after the date of enactment, there are clear steps institutions should take now to prepare for their October 2014 ASRs. Our panel will not only highlight changes institutions must make in order to maintain compliance but will also address the numerous questions and ambiguities inherent in the amendments that institutions must cope with pending guidance from the Department of Education, and describe how their institution plans to respond to the changes.

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