T he number of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lawsuits continues to grow each year. They are attractive to plaintiff attorneys because employers tend to make the same mistake with multiple individuals. For example, a federal court in New York recently gave preliminary approval in January 2014 to a settlement involving an employer that improperly classified more than 100 unpaid interns. Although no former intern will receive more than $2000, the total settlement is $450,000, including $150,000 for the attorneys.

This virtual seminar will initially focus on the current FLSA litigation climate. Second, the panelists will address the most common challenges in complying with the FLSA, such as determining whether an individual is an employee or an independent contractor. They will discuss a number of tricky issues unique to colleges and universities including:

  • • Graduate assistant coaches
  • • Students paid with stipends
  • • Unpaid student interns
  • • Volunteers
  • • Teaching and research assistants
  • • Telework

The panelists will conclude by suggesting the best ways to conduct an FLSA audit of your workforce and make necessary changes without having to write a blank check to reclassified workers and attracting plaintiff's lawyers.

This seminar will be at the intermediate level and is suitable for attorneys and human resources professionals who already have a basic understanding of the FLSA.

Please join our panel of experts for an examination of these important issues every institution should consider. Register today!

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