T he use of social media by faculty, staff and students continues to vex colleges and universities. In an age when social media is a primary means of communication, employee or student misuse and abuse of social media can have serious consequences for institutions, ranging from reputational damage to legal liability. At the same time, inappropriate monitoring and regulation of the use of social media can also have its own negative repercussions, up to and including legal liability. Navigating the need to protect the institution from the risks of inappropriate social media use, while avoiding inappropriate policies and practices can be a challenging endeavor.

This program will review the current major issues that can arise from current faculty, staff and student use of social media, whether occurring on institutionally sponsored social media platform or private individual social media sites. Specific topics will include:

  • •  Checking or monitoring social media sites of student and employee applicants
  • •  Checking or monitoring social media sites of current students and employees
  • •  Disciplining faculty or staff for private social media use
  • •  Use of social media in connection with student sexual harassment, assaults and investigations
  • •  Special issues relating to the use of social media by student athletes and coaches
  • •  Managing and monitoring the use of institutional social media sites
  • •  Institutional policies addressing social media use

Best practices will be addressed and suggestions for appropriate institutional policies discussed. Please join our experienced panel for and up-to-date and in-depth of analysis of these evolving issues.Register today!