T he Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) stated in its regulatory agenda that it plans to issue final regulations this summer that will substantially increase the affirmative action and equal opportunity compliance obligations of colleges and universities that do business with the federal government. Among other things, the proposed regulations set forth a new "utilization goal" for employees with disabilities, require expanded data collection on veteran and disabled employees, mandate significant outreach and recruitment efforts, and set forth a number of new recordkeeping requirements.

Meanwhile, OFCCP continues to vigorously enforce its current regulations through compliance reviews and audits. By many accounts, these reviews are lasting longer and delving more deeply into employers' personnel practices and records than in prior years, and requiring detailed information on specific areas like personnel selection, compensation discrepancies, and outreach to the disabled and veterans.

In this virtual seminar, two seasoned practitioners and veterans of OFCCP audits will discuss:

  • •  OFCCP's enforcement agenda, and what to expect from the new regulations
  • •  Hot-button issues OFCCP will be looking for, including those unique to colleges and universities
  • •  How to be prepared: policies, recordkeeping, and monitoring
  • •  Practical advice for before, during, and after an audit – from those who have been through it!

Please join our panel of experts for an examination of these important issues every institution should consider. Register today!