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About the NACUAMentors Program

NACUAMentors is a one-on-one professional development program that connects member attorneys to mentors who will offer guidance and support. Dynamically generated through NACUA's online platform, NACUAMentors promotes and facilitates the individual exchange of information, knowledge and advice between members on various topics of interest. The NACUAMentors program provides member attorneys with a convenient, centralized networking opportunity on a personalized and private basis. 

How It Works

  • NACUA members can volunteer to become a mentor by emailing a request to membership@nacua.org.
  • Members may select a mentor by choosing one or more search criteria that include individual and/or institutional characteristics to find their preferred match.
  • Mentors and Mentees will connect, via NACUANET, phone, email, or in person during the year.
  • Mentors, Mentees, or pairs are not automatically renewed each year unless both parties agree to continue.


  • Limited to one mentor - mentee relationship per year.
  • Mentor and mentee commit to one year.

Mentor Eligibility

  • General Professional Development Mentor
    Open to all NACUA Members. Provide advice and guidance on various professional development and work related issues and skills.
  • Speaker Professional Development Mentor
    Members who have been selected based on their speaking experience. They provide advice and guidance on how to become a NACUA speaker and/or improve speaking skills. 

Mentee Eligibility

  • All NACUA Members