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United States v. N.M. State Univ. and N.M. State Univ. Bd. of Regents (D.N.M. Feb. 6, 2018)

Memorandum Opinion and Order denying Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment. The United States brought a claim of pay discrimination under Title VII against Defendants after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found reasonable cause to believe that New Mexico State University (NMSU) engaged in wage discrimination against a female NMSU assistant coach, Meaghan Harkins. The court concluded that Plaintiff had established a prima facie case of discrimination based on evidence that two male comparators were paid more despite having duties and responsibilities that were similar to, or at least as demanding as, the female NMSU assistant coach. As to pretext, the court found that disputed facts about coaches’ duties and qualifications would need to be resolved at trial.