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Strategic Priorities

FY 2016-17 Strategic Priorities

  • Continue to maintain NACUA’s historic commitment to volunteer participation in its programming and governance, with continuing attention to diversity and inclusiveness, and find ways to engage members that complement their needs and interests while being mindful of workload demands.

  • Continue to provide a range of options for professional and personal development opportunities for NACUA member representatives and continue to facilitate networking and information sharing.

  • Continue to think strategically and creatively about NACUA’s resources, both financial and human, that will allow NACUA to achieve its mission and to be at the forefront of identifying and developing new initiatives and providing enhanced or additional services for the membership.  Conduct internal reviews of major areas and programs of the association on a regular basis in order to achieve this priority and to streamline activities and operations accordingly.

  • Continue to review and modify CLE programming and learning to meet needs of members.

  • Continue to enhance electronic delivery of NACUA programming, legal resources, information and other services to and among members, using state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Continue to enhance outreach to a broad spectrum of potential college and university members, to further increase the diversity of NACUA member institutions, and continue to enhance retention efforts for new and existing members.

  • Continue to expand outreach to external audiences for the benefit of NACUA and its member institutions and enhance NACUA’s reputation among institutions and associations as the leading organization on issues related to higher education law.  Serve as a resource to governmental entities, as appropriate, on issues of interest and concern to NACUA members.