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Fellows of the Association Award

Nancy Tribbensee - 2009

Nancy Tribbensee is General Counsel for the Arizona University System, serving as the chief legal advisor to the Board and the Executive Director. In this role, Nancy provides legal advice and guidance to the Board to ensure compliance with Board policy and statutory requirements. She analyzes legal issues arising from Board and university initiatives in coordination with university attorneys. She previously was Deputy General Counsel and then General Counsel for Arizona State University. As part of her responsibilities, Nancy chairs the Legal Affairs Council and represents the Board in interactions with the Office of the Attorney General, bond counsel, financial consultants, and other external constituencies.

Prior to joining Arizona State University, Nancy was an associate with the Evans, Kitchel, and Jenckes law firm in Phoenix, Arizona. She received her B.A. in Philosophy in 1979, her M.A. in 1983, her J.D. in 1986, and her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2003, all from Arizona State University.

Since joining NACUA’s membership in 1989, Nancy has authored three NACUA pamphlets, several Special Publications, four Journal of College and University Law articles, and has been the editor /co-editor of two NACUA compendia. She is a former NACUA Board member (2005-2008) and currently serves as the 2008-2009 Chair of the NACUA Committee on Web Legal Resources. She has also served as Chair of the Committee on Publications and Chair of the Committee on Strategic Planning. Nancy has been an active member of the Committee on Finance and Audit, the Committee on Nominations and Elections and the Taskforce on NACUANET. She is a frequent speaker at NACUA educational programs including virtual seminars, CLE workshops and annual conferences. She also writes and speaks extensively for other constituencies in higher education on a wide range of topics that have helped to make higher education law both accessible and understandable by a wide audience.

NACUA is pleased to recognize Nancy Tribbenssee as a Fellow of the Association for her exemplary service, her quality and breadth of scholarship, and the distinction she has brought to higher education law.