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NACUA's Distinguished Service Award

Georgia Yuan - 2010

Georgia Yuan has spent 20 years in higher education serving as chief legal advisor to public and private institutions and most recently as Deputy General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Education. Before returning to graduate school to attain her law degree, Georgia pursued a career in geology earning her B.A. degree from Oberlin College, her M.S. from Stanford University, and her J.D. from the University of Idaho. In 1994, she became the general counsel, a post she held until 2003 when she became the first general counsel of Smith College in Northampton, MA.

Georgia joined NACUA in 1991. She served as its President (2006–2007) and as an active board member (1998-2000 and 2003-2008). She has served as chair of many NACUA committees, including: the Committee on Honors and Awards, Committee on Nominations and Elections, and the Committee on Program for Annual Conference. She has also been an active member of several other committees including as: Vice Chair of the Committee on Strategic Planning; as Vice Chair of the Task Force on Program Review and Coordination; as a member of the Committee on Web Legal Resources; as a member of the Committee on Membership and Member Services; as a member of the Committee on Legal Education; a member of the Editorial Board, The Journal of College and University Law; a member of the Committee on Publications; and a member of the Committee on Board Operations. In addition to her committee service, Georgia has been a speaker at numerous NACUA annual conferences and CLE workshops.

In addition to her interests in law and science, Georgia’s formal training includes music. She has always wanted to be known for the quote attributed to Cher - “Life is not a vicarious experience.”

During her year as President, Georgia spoke personally to as many members as possible, reaching out to all corners of the Association encouraging members to become involved and longer-serving members to serve as mentors. She has an eye on the big picture and never lost sight of the fact that NACUA’s whole is only as strong as its individuals. She exemplifies the essence of NACUA, and as a leader of the Association, she modeled its core values.

NACUA is pleased to recognize Georgia Yuan as a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award for her outstanding and exemplary service to the Association, most especially for her ongoing commitment to NACUA service through her extensive Board and Committee involvement, and for her distinguished service as its President.